A Study of Coins

O.N. Singh and D.P. Sharma, Kaveri Books, 2011, xviii, 108 p, 50 col. plates, ISBN : 9788174791115, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Study of Coins

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Early coins of India. 2. Tribal coins of ancient India. 3. Indo-Greek coins. 4. Roman coins in India. 5. Kushana dynasty and their coins. 6. Satavahana coins. 7. Gupta coins. Bibliography. Index.

This book A Study of Coins covers Numismatic studies of South Asia from earliest time to modern period. The Ancient South Asian coinages have a very long and varied historical tradition providing a rich source of information. This part on Punch marked to Gupta Period will serve the needs of students and academicians, who want to study the coins from ancient to modern times. This is the first kind of study, which will highlights from the first Punch marked coins issued between 7-6 century BC to present era.

The present volume deals with manufacturing techniques, style and types of metals used symbols and images purpose and dynasties who promoted various kinds of coinage. This book contains seven chapters.

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