A Handbook of Pet Care and Management

Amita Ranjan, Satish Serial Pub, 2012, viii, 170 p, 6 col. plates, ISBN : 9789381226070, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook of Pet Care and Management

Contents: Preface. 1. Keeping dogs as pet. 2. Dog Breeds. 3. Sense perception, normal psychology and behaviour. 4. Initial care of a pup. 5. Housing, bedding, collar and lead. 6. Nutrition and feeding. 7. Grooming and bathing. 8. Care of teeth, eye, ear and nail. 9. Training and exercise. 10. Endoparasites and Deworming. 11. Vaccination. 12. Control of ectoparasites. 13. Signs of Illness. 14. Infection diseases. 15. Non-infectious diseases and problems. 16. Surgical procedures. 17. Medication. 18. First aid and emergency management. 19. Communicable diseases. 20. Breeding management. 21. Care of pregnant Bitch. 22. Aging. 23. Care during old age. 24. Traveling with a dog. 25. Import of a dog. 26. Kennel clubs and registration. 27. Insurance. 28. Internet resources. 29. Appendices. 30. Common Names of Dog.

Busy lifestyle, increasing trend of nuclear family and rapid increase in urban population has widened the emotional gaps between individuals in the family. As a result, trend of keeping a dog as pet is increasing, because a god can fulfill their emotional gaps, ensure the family safety, and sometimes, can perform some specific work. Dog breeding and veterinary practice is now a flourishing business in big cities or even small towns.

Dog owners particularly those keeping a pet for the first time, may juggle many questions/problems, where a professional or expert advice is required. But, getting these services all the time may by costly or impossible. Therefore, it is always advisable to get acquitted with various aspects of dog keeping like housing, feeding, hygiene, and health care management etc. before bringing a dog home. This book contains all necessary information and can answer almost all the queries raised by a novice pet owner, dog breeder and animal welfare activists. It describes all aspects of keeping a dog right from early days, hence everybody including veterinary undergraduate/postgraduate students, field veterinary practitioners, scientists and pet owners will be benefited. However, readers may find some information given in the book different or contradictory to other books. Here, emphasis has been given to practical experience and Indian conditions over the information given in western books. Moreover, there may be more than one way to solve any problem. This book is written in simple language avoiding unnecessary use of technical (medical/veterinary) words/terminologies, so that any lay man can easily understand its contents.

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