Mushroom : Diseases and Its Control

J.K. Singh, Enkay Pub, 2012, viii, 264 p, ISBN : 9789380995458, $43.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Mushroom : Diseases and Its Control

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Mushrooms: Uses and Applications. 3. Mushroom plant growth promoting rhizobacteria formulations and its scope. 4. Mushroom growing: Technical briefs and manuals. 5. Agro-waste for cultivation of edible mushrooms. 6. Oyster mushroom cultivation. 7. Small-Scale mushroom cultivation. 8. Mushrooms: Cultivation, nutrional values, medical effects and environmental impact. 9. Wild mushroom hunting. 10. Helping the ecosystem through mushroom cultivation. 11. Challenges facing mushroom disease control in the 21st Century. 12. Mushroom integrated pest management. 13. Biologically derived chemicals used in biological control of insects. 14. Management of pesticide use on mushroom production. 15. Challenges of limiting pesticide residues in mushroom vegetables. 16. Detection of a virus disease on white button mushroom. 17. Integrated disease and pest control in mushroom tunnels. Bibliography. Index.

The production of Mushrooms is a major, world-wide, highly mechanized process. Healthy crops are essential if yields, quality and profitability are to be maintained. This book covers the recognition, biology and control of pests and diseases which are a major cause of crop losses. Up-to-date and intensely illustrated, Mushroom and Disease Control fully explores the important aspects of pest and disease control. From changes in the management of pest and pathogen populations and new methods of crop production to the more effective use of environmental controls and environmental protection.

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