Ayurvedic Healing : A Comprehensive Guide

David Frawley, Motilal Banarsidass, 2012, Third Edition, 388 p, ISBN : 9788120809574, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ayurvedic Healing : A Comprehensive GuideAyurvedic Healing is oriented towards the practical treatment of disease. It is intended to serve as a handbook of Ayurvedic therapy, mainly on herbal level. It also explains relevant dietary, life-style and yogic methods to enhance herbal therapy, including the use of oils, aromas, colours, gems and mantras. On the first level of treatment, Ayurvedic Healing outlines general constitutional and life-style measures for health enhancement and disease prevention and gives home remedies for common disease. We can treat many of our disease ourselves or at least aid in their treatment. A few simple therapies as part of our daily regimen can work wonders for countering many health problems. Only when our life-style is out of harmony, do severe diseases arise and professional health care becomes necessary. On the second level of treatment, Ayurvedic Healing provides specialized medical knowledge and outlines specific remedies, including various herbal recommendations. However, accounts of diseases and their treatments are given here only in essence. Additional knowledge and experienced practice may be necessary to deal with severe conditions, acute symptoms or long standing complaints.
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