Challenges of Livelihood and Inclusive Rural Development in the Era of Globalization

Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay and Sudipta Bhattacharya, New Delhi Publishers, 2013, xviii, 464 p, tables, figs,, ISBN : 97893812743255, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Challenges of Livelihood and Inclusive Rural Development in the Era of Globalization

Contents: Introduction. 1. Health sector reform in West Bengal: a GP level analysis/Arijita Dutta and Ratan Khasnabis. 2. Declining child population child death should be prevented/Subhabrata Dutta. 3. Economic crisis and rural women and children in North-East India/Falendra Kumar Sudan. 4. Addressing four A-s of accessibility in child health care-a case study of Indian Sundarbans/Debjani Barman, Nilanjan Patra and Patistha Sengupta.  5. Depeasantization or rural proletarization/Rajiv Dey. 6. Child malnutrition in West Bengal: inequality in background and access to ICDS/Smritikana Ghosh and Arijita Dutta. 7. Educational backwardness among the Muslims and the capability thesis: a case study of West Bengal/Arijit Das. 8. Impact of SHGs on probability of crossing poverty line: a study of scheduled castes households in Bankura District/Supravat Bagi and Maniklal Adhikary. 9. SHGs in promotion of rural women through jute diversification in cachar district Assam: problems and prospects/Subhabrata Dutta and Devashree Pathak. 10. Is agriculture promoting rural growth and reducing rural poverty in India/Tushar Das.....

Challenges of livelihood and inclusive rural development in the era of globalization deals with different challenges in  rural development and recommended practical ideas for development. This book is an extremely timely publication when the prevailing situations are putting more and more emphasis on the sharing of knowledge and ideas in the development sector. The research papers highlighting strength of our programmes and focuses on the areas of intervention. Researchers and general readers will find this volume very informative and useful in the area of policy making.   

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