Fauna of Meghalaya, Part 1 Vertebrates

, ZSI, 1995, 680 p, plates, figs, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. An overview/J.R.B. Alfred. 2. Mammalia/P.K. Das, R.K. Ghosh, T.K. Chakraborty, T.P. Bhattacharya and M.K. Ghosh. 3. Aves/N. Majumdar. 4. Reptilia/R. Mathew. 5. Amphibia/S.K. Chanda. 6. Pisces/N. Sen. 7. Ecology and general faunal resources of some wetlands in Garo hills/Rashid A. Khan & J.R.B. Alfred. 8. On the survey of selected waterbodies of Ribhoi, Khasi and Jaintia hills/M.P. Thapa and J.R.B. Alfred. 9. Wildlife and its conservation/J.R.B. Alfred and S. Chattopadhyay.

From the foreword: "The state of Meghalaya occupies an unique area in biography of India. The faunal diversity of the state can be co-related with ecosystem diversity, from the foothills areas of Khasi, Jaintia and Garo hills, to the Nokrek and Bolphakram region, the vegetation and forest cover aided by congenial climatic condition, the faunal diversity show one of the richest assemblage.

"The present document record a total of 5538 species out of total of 81,000 species known from the India. In some groups viz. Mammalia, more than 35% of total Indian species are found in the state; similarly for birds nearly 50% of the species known from India find shelter in the state. Along with species diversity, the state has a significient percentage of endemic elements. The present document, to be published in 10 parts, would undoubtedly provide the first consolidated account of faunal diversity and thereby would be useful for conservation of biodiversity of the state in pursuance of National Biodiversity Action Plan."

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