Anemia in Ayurveda: Pandu Roga

Shalini Rai, Chaukhambha Publications, 2015, Pbk, xii, 217 p, tables, figs., ISBN : 9789381608647, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Anemia in Ayurveda: Pandu Roga

Contents: Introduction. Section I: Anemia-A brief overview: 1. The general considerations of erythropoiesis and red blood cells. 2. Anemia. 3. Iron deficiency and other hypoplastic anemias. 4. Megaloblastic anemias. 5. Haemolytic anemias. 6. Anemias due to bone marrow failure. Section II: Pandu Roga: 1. Introduction. 2. An overview of description of Pandu in Ayurvedic Samhitas. 3. Pandu roga. 4. Nidana (Etiological factors). 5. Samprapti (pathogenesis). 6. Purvarupa and rupa of pandu roga. 7. Upadrava (Complications) and Sadhyayta – Asadhyata features of Pandu Roga. 8. Chikitsa of Pandu roga. Section III: The scientific validation of Pandu roga. Appendix. Index.

This book presents a vivid description about the various anemia and Pandu Roga as described in their specific literatures collectively, and then tries to bring out the hidden scientific attitude and temperament of Ayurveda by describing about the various researches on this topic.

Logical explanations to the various Ayurvedic concepts have been given and the matter has been tried to be put in a simplified manner so that the book may prove useful for even the undergraduate scholars interested in the topic, besides the post graduate scholars and researchers for whom this book is primarily intended.

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