Administration of Criminal Justice : The Correctional Services (5 Vols-Set)

Edited by N.K. Chakrabarti, Deep, 1997, 1123 p, 5 Vols, ISBN : 8171008739, $99.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Volume 1. Perception and Practice: Preface. Introduction. 1. Deviance, social organisation and social disorganisation/Rajendra Pandey. 2. Current penal philosophy/B.N. Chattoraj. 3. Evolution of correction in criminal justice/Nirmal Kanti Chakrabarti. 4. Religion, crime and correction/Durga Pada Das. 5. Crime, judicial and correctional statistics/S.K. Bhattacharyya. 6. Social work in correctional settings : an analysis/K.D. Sikka. 7. Social work in criminal justice : agenda for change/S. Vijay Raghavan. 8. The courts and correction: role of the judiciary/N.K. Chakrabarti. 9. Criminal law and advocacy: general strategies in trial under correctional laws/N.K. Chakrabarti. 10. Police and corrections : problems and perspectives in India/S.M. Diaz. 11. Role of police under correctional laws in India/V.P. Srivastav. 12. Role of probation officer : a critical evaluation/S.C. Raina. 13. Role of volunteers and correction/N.K. Chakrabarti. Index.

Vol. 2. Institutional Corrections: 1. Preface. Introduction. 1. The early history of modern prison system/A.S. Raj. 2. After-care of institutionalized juveniles in historical perspective/Ananya Das Gupta. 3. Correction under prisons act--theory and practice/Amarendra Mohanty. 4. Open peno correctional institutions/Ishwar Chandra Vatsa. 5. Open prisons and the inmates/Maya Sanyal. 6. Helping prisoners' families/Sanober Shekar. 7. Importance of classification in correctional institution/S.M. Afzal Qadri. 8. Behind the borstal lads/M.S. Pawar. 9. Scope to improve conditions in junior certified school/C. Jayaram. 10. Social rehabilitation of prisoners/Joy Tilak Guha Roy. 11. Parole in India--a case review. 12. After conduct of offenders released from prison and borstal/S.C. Tewari. Annexure. Index.

Vol. 3. Probation Services: Preface. Introduction. 1. Conceptual and historical development of the system of probation/N.K. Chakrabarti. 2. Probation system : an overview/V.R. Krishna Iyer. 3. Admonition in the administration of criminal justice in India--an overview/N.K. Chakrabarti. 4. Probation service in India--a critical appraisal/S.P. Srivastava. 5. Probation in the administration of criminal justice in India/N.K. Chakrabarti. 6. Recruitment and training of probation officers--a critical appraisal of Indian policies in perspectives of West Bengal/N.K. Chakrabarti. 7. Probation as a better alternative to imprisonment for the challenge of crime/K. Chockalingam. 8. A comment on Supreme Court's rulings on S. 12 of the PO Act, 1958/K.N. Chandrasekharan Pillai. 9. Pre-sentence investigation : theory and practice/N.K. Chakrabarti. 10. Probation supervision--a reappraisal/N.K. Chakrabarti. 11. Probationers in their socio-rehabilitative perspectives/N.K. Chakrabarti. Annexure: The Probation Offenders Act, 1958. Index.

Vol. 4. Juvenile Justice: Preface. Introduction. 1. Offence factor in delinquency behaviour/N.L. Mitra. 2. Juvenile delinquency in India/Abdul Latif Wani. 3. United Nations standards for juvenile justice/Hira Singh. 4. Juvenile justice/J.S. Goel. 5. A critical analysis of Juvenile Justice Act, 1986/C. Jayaram. 6. Rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents in India/M.S. Pawar. 7. Problems of juvenile correctional institutions in India/M.S. Bedi. 8. Evaluation of after-care homes for juvenile delinquents in Delhi/Ananya Das Gupta. 9. Delinquent juveniles : determination of liability and administration of justice/A.H. Mondal. 10. Legal aid to juveniles--a Sine Qua Non of correctional jurisprudence/Usha Razdan. 11. Juvenile probation service/N.K. Chakrabarti. 12. Research notes: from the journal of social defence. Appendices: 1. Reformatory Schools Act, 1897. 2. Juvenile Justice Act, 1986. Index.

Vol. 5. Social Defence: Preface. Introduction. 1. Criminal judicial system and social defence/K.D. Gaur. 2. Planning for social defence/Hira Singh. 3. Classification diagnosis and treatment of children in the remand/observation homes/K.V. Vasavada. 4. Police and social defence/S.M. Diaz. 5. Non-institutional corrections/N.L. Mitra. 6. Problems and programmes of treatment of drug addicts/Krishna Mitra. 7. Correction and rehabilitation under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956/Benimadhab Chatterjee. 8. Prevention of Beggary in West Bengal: an overview/Shyamal Kanti Chakrabarti. 9. Societal indifference to social defence/M.G. Huddar and S.B. Bandyal. 10. Salient features of Mental Health Act, 1987/Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee. Appendices: 1. The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956. 2. The Mental Health Act, 1987. 3. The Bengal Vagrancy Act, 1943. 4. The Bengal Vagrancy Rules, 1945. 5. Bombay Prevention of Begging Act, 1959. Index.

"Administration of Criminal Justice: The Correctional Services, in 5 volumes, provides a comprehensive examination of the current critical issues and policy dimensions in the field of correctional administration within criminal justice system. This book is, perhaps, the first attempt to explore the phenomenon of total correctional services in the administration of criminal justice and overviews the efficiency and/or effectiveness of the correctional administration.

"The book describes the magnitude and complexity of the problem of different types of correctional services in the respective volumes and suggests a humane and effective correctional services in the administration of criminal justice. Every chapter of this unique book is authored by a recognized authority on the specific topic and the authors examine the success, failures, legal framework and critical review of the respective areas of correctional services. The book is immensely helpful to all the readers, be they researchers or scholars, students, lawyers, judges, jurists or teachers interested in the study of correctional services in the administration of criminal justice." (jacket)

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