Brahmanda Purana

Translated into English by G.V. Tagare, Motilal Pub, 5 Vols, $160.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The Brahmanda Purana describes threefold creation; primary, secondary and primary-secondary, the Kalpa and Manvantara ages and their duration, geographical division of the seven continents, their countries, towns and villages, oceans and rivers, lakes and mountains, inhabitants and other natural features such as climate and vegetation which give personality to the regions and make them identifiable, the genealogies of Sages, the dynasties of rulers and the legends of Pitas and their propitiation, the conflict between Karttikeya, King of Hihayas and Bhargava Parasurama.. Subsidiary episodes as that of Sagara, the lineage of Vaivasvata Manu and the dissolution of universe, the ultimate annihilation. The Purana concludes with the episode of Goddess Lalitha in 40 chapters.

Part of the series "Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology : Mahapuranas/edited by J.L. Shastri and G.P. Bhatt"].

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