A Manual of Buddhism : For Advanced Students

Rhys Davids, Low Price, 2000, Reprint, 342 p, ISBN : 8175362006, $14.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Manual of Buddhism : For Advanced Students/Rhys DavidsContents: 1. How and when we came to know. 2. What it is we can know. 3. The “Buddha”: Who was he?. 4. The new word: (a) Whence it came. 5. The new word: (b) What it was. 6. The new word: (c) The middle way. 7. The wayfarer. 8. The wayfarer’s guide. 9. The way in the worlds. 10. The first Missioners and their teaching. 11. The parables and their history. 12. The first Missioners: their living and dying. 13. The after men: their doings and their recording. 14. Writing and historic truth. 15. An everyman’s Gospel. 16. The eastward expansion. Index.
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