Agro Cottage Industry Sericulture

C.J. Hiware, Daya, 2012, Reprint, xii, 116 p, Diagrams, ISBN : 9788170352402, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Agro Cottage Industry Sericulture/C.J. Hiware

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Introudction and history of sericulture. 2. Types of silk worms and their distribution. 3. Systematic position of Mulberry and non-mulberry silk worms (Taxonomic position of silk worms). 4. Morphology of Bombyx mori. 5. Life cycle of silk worm (Bombyx mori). 6. Silk gland—structure and function. 7. Mulberry cultivation (Moriculture). 8. Diseases and pests of mulberry. 9. Silk worm egg production (grainage operation). 10. Silk worm rearing. 11. Introduction to silk worm diseases. 12. Silk worm pests. 13. Introduction to Post Harvest Technology or reeling. Index.

"The book covers all important and critical steps involved to make sericulture industry successful. It covers the part of general sericulture, type of silk worm their systematic position, distribution, history etc. Some of the topics are devoted to morphology life cycle of B. Mori. The book also covers the unavoidable part of sericulture industry i.e. Moriculture, grainage operation, Rearing of Silk worms, Diseases and pests of Mulberry and Mulberry silk worm and last part deals with the post harvest technology of reeling. All aspects are dealt with simple easy language and nice diagrams.

"The book is needed for students, Sericulturists, farmers, researchers, staff engaged in sericulture industry in many areas. The students will get well benefited by this book, because the subject is already introduced in Maharashtra state by all universities and Boards." (jacket)

[C.J. Hiware is presently working at Department of Zoology Dr. B.A.M. University, Aurangabad as a Reader.]

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