Folk Tales of Bengal

Lal Behari Dey, Cosmo, 2001, xii, 284 p, ISBN : 8177551345, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Folk Tales of Bengal/Lal Behari DeyContents: 1. Life’s secret. 2. Phakir Chand. 3. The indigent Brahman. 4. The story of the Rakshasas. 5. The story of Swet-Basanta. 6. The evil eye of Sani. 7. The boy whom seven mothers suckled. 8. The story of Prince Sobur. 9. The origin of Opium. 10. Strike but hear. 11. The adventures of two thieves and of their sons. 12. The Ghost-Brahman. 13. The man who wished to be perfect. 14. A ghostly wife. 15. The story of a Brahmadaitya. 16. The story of a Hiraman. 17. The origin of Rubies. 18. The match-making Jackal. 19. The boy with the moon on his forehead. 20. The Ghost who was afraid of being bagged. 21. The field of bones. 22. The bald wife.
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