Indian Literature in English: New Perspectives

K.V. Surendran, Sarup, 2002, 122 p, ISBN : 8176252492, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Indian Literature in English: New Perspectives/K.V. Surendran

Contents: 1. Humanism and Mulk Raj Anand/S.M.R. Azam. 2. Untouchable: a manifesto of Indian socio-political realism/Gajendra Kumar. 3. Kanthapura: a stylistic feat/Gajendra Kumar. 4. Ontological entity in The Serpent and the Rope/Ramesh Kumar Gupta. 5. The decolonized self in The Vendor of Sweets/Reeja Jose P. 6. The Strange Case of Billy Biswas: A journey into darkness/Basavaraj Naikar. 7. The origin and development of Indian English short story/S.G. Vaidya. 8. Anita Desai’s short stories/Basavraj Naikar. 9. "Two Cupboards": transcultural discourse in Rohinton Mistry’s short fictions/Charu Chandra Mishra. 10. A study of the status of woman in The Thief of Nagarahalli and other Stories/Aroonima Sinha. 11. The image of woman in Khuswant Singh and K.B. Sreedevi/K.V. Surendran. 12. The short stories of Pattathuvila Karunakaran: an overview/C.P. Sivadasan. 13. A study in themes and techniques of Girish Karnad/Pranav Joshipura. 14. Karnad’s Hayavadana: myth redefined/Anshuman Khanna. 15. The plays of Girish Karnad: a post-colonial study/Pranav Joshipura.

"Indian Literature in English: New perspectives is a collection of fifteen scholarly essays on fiction, short story and drama written in India. They focus on different aspects like humanism, style, ontology, decolonization, transcultural discourse, the status of women, techniques, myth, post-colonialism and so on.

The book, it is hoped, will be of tremendous use not only to the research scholars who take up Indian literature in English for their project but also to all the serious scholars of literature and of socio-cultural studies." (jacket)

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