A Text Book of Fish Biology and Fisheries

S S Khanna and H R Singh, Narendra Pub, 2015, 3rd edition, xv, 524 p, figs, ISBN : 9789384337117, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Text Book of Fish Biology and Fisheries/S.S. Khanna and H.R. Singh

Contents: 1. Characters and classification. 2. Ostracoderms and placoderms. 3. Cyclostomes. 4. Chondrichthyes. 5. Teleostomes. 6. Actinopterygii. 7. Epidermis and exoskeleton. 8. Fins and their origin. 9. Skeletal system. 10. Cardio-vascular system. 11. Structure and function of gills. 12. Air breathing organs. 13. Swim bladder and its modifications. 14. Weberian ossicles. 15. Excretion and osmoregulation. 16. Food, feeding habits and digestion. 17. Alimentary canal and its modifications. 18. Reproduction, maturation and spawning. 19. Fertilization, development and growth. 20. Sex dimorphism, mating and parental care. 21. Brain and the cranial nerves. 22. Electric organs. 23. The lateral line system. 24. Bioluminescence and sound production. 25. Olfactory, auditory and photoreceptors. 26. Locomotion in fishes. 27. Migration of fishes. 28. Endocrine and neurosecretory system. 29. Larvivorous fishes. 30. Adaptations in the hill stream fishes. 31. Adaptations in the deep sea fishes. 32. Exotic fishes. 33. Fishery resources and economic value. 34. Inland fisheries resources. 35. Estuarine fisheries. 36. Marine fisheries. 37. Fishing crafts and gear. 38. Preservation and processing of fish. 39. Fish culture. 40. Pond management. 41. Fish seed resources and their transport. 42. Induced breeding by hormones. 43. Composite fish culture, cage culture and use of sewage for fish culture. 44. Integrated fish farming. 45. Prawn culture and processing. 46. Preparation and maintenance of Aquarium. 47. Diseases of fish. 48. Water pollution and fisheries. 49. Some aspects of fish genetics. 50. Genetics, biotechnology and aquaculture. 51. Fishery management and conservation. 52. Fisheries economics and extension. Books recommended for further study. Index.

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