Hand Book of Essential Oils Manufacturing and Aromatic Plants

Compiled by Sudhir Gupta, Engineers India Res Institute, 2003, pbk, xx, 330 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 8186732276, $36.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Hand Book of Essential Oils Manufacturing and Aromatic Plants/compiled by Sudhir Gupta

Contents: 1. Trends in trade of essential oils. 2. Demand for essential oil. 3. Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena Mill) cultivation and processing. 4. Rose oil distillation methods. 5. Chemistry of rose oil. 6. Cultivation of Matricaria Chamomilla. 7. Cultivation of Davana for essential oil. 8. Cultivation and improvement of sweet Marjoram. 9. Extraction of essential oil. 10. Essential oils. 11. Essential chemical constituents profile in tree spices. 12. Medicinal uses of indigenous aromatic plants. 13. Essential oil bearing plants status. 14. Promising aromatic plants of industrial value. 15. Essential oil industry waste utilisation. 16. Fractionation of essential oils in perfumery and turpentine industry. 17. Tagetes Minuta (wild marigold). 18. Essential oil of Hyptis Suaveolens Poit. 19. Super-Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) technology – for spice extraction. 20. Citronella oil – process of manufacture. 21. Clove oil. 22. Extraction of essential oils by super critical fluid (Carbon Dioxide) method from flowers, herbs and spices. 23. Eucalyptus oil. 24. Ginger oil. 25. Jasmine, rose and lily oil extraction plant. 26. Jasmine flower oil. 27. Production technology of jasmine for essential oil. 28. Lemon grass oil. 29. Mentha oil and crystals. 30. Pan Masala (Gutkha). 31. Palm oil crushing unit. 32. Rose plantation and rose oil extraction. 33. Spice oils or oleoresins. 34. International importers and exporters. 35. Plant and equipments suppliers. 36. Manufacturers and exporters of essential oils and aromatic chemicals.

From the preface: "The basic object of this book is to furnish a comprehensive treatment on the formulations and processing of diversified Essential Oils and Aromatic Plants. A wide range of process details have been dealt with most obstensibly with special emphasis on the techno-economic and functional aspects of the ingredients. The book covers various Project Profiles on lucrative items. At the end of the book, new addresses of Plant and Equipments suppliers, international importers and exporters and manufacturers and exporters of essential oils and aromatic chemicals are also covered with their present phone/fax/e-mail/websites.

"The book has been written for the benefit and to prove an asset and a handy reference guide in the hands of new entrepreneurs and well established industrialists."

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