A Journal of Indian Zoology : Records of the Zoological Survey of India, Volume 102 (Part 1-2)

, ZSI, 2004, pbk, viii, 186 p, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. A note on the primates of Tawang district, Arunachal Pradesh/J.R.B. Alfred, A. Murmu, P.C. Mazumder and S. Chaudhuri. 2. A report on the occurrence of the Sea Skater, Halobates galatea Herring (Insecta : Hemiptera : Gerridae) in a mangrove habitat at Dharmadam, Kannur district, Kerala, India/C. Radhakrishnan and G. Thirumalai. 3. On a small collection of Muscid flies (Diptera : Muscidae) of Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve, India/B.C. Nandi and Shuvra Kanti Sinha. 4. Status and distribution of Turtle fauna (Testudines : Reptilia) in the Malabar part of Kerala, India/Muhamed Jafer Palot and C. Radhakrishnan. 5. Checklist of the Hirudinea (Leeches) of India/Chandra Kanta Mandal. 6. Notes on mid-winter waterbird population of some selected wetlands of Bankura and Puruliya districts, West Bengal/N.C. Nandi, S. Bhuinya and S.R. Das. 7. Notes on aquatic entomofauna of Narathaly lake of Buxa Tiger Reserve, West Bengal/N.C. Nandi, P. Mukhopadhyay, S.K. Gosh and S.K. Das. 8. A checklist of aquatic and semi-aquatic chemiptera (insecta) of Karnataka/G. Thirumalai. 9. Check-list of Mecoptera from India/Kailash Chandra. 10. Some new records of mites infesting stored grains in Kolkata and its neighbourhood/Arun Gupta and M. Chaterjee. 11. Faunal diversity of Nayachar, a newly emerged island : Orthoptera (Acridoidea)/A.K. Hazra, G.P. Mandal, K.K. Suman, S.K. Mondal and A.K. Sanyal. 12. Studies on spider fauna of coastal region of India : description of two new species of Pardosa Koch (Araneae : Lycosidae) from the coastal region of Sundarbans, West Bengal (Part-I)/S.C. Majumder. 13. Studies on spider fauna of coastal region of India : observations on population fluctuation of spiders and their role in biological control of insect pests on paddy fields of Sundarban coastal region, West Bengal (Part-2)/S.C. Majumder and R.S. Mridha. 14. Ecological study and faunastic survey of bats from Pune Corporation Limits, Maharashtra state, India/V.S. Korad and K.D. Yardi. 15. Faunal diversity and habitat preference of house dust mites in West Bengal in relation to Nasobronchial allergic disorders/A. Modak, G.K. Saha, N. Tandon and S.K. Gupta. 16. Oribatid mite (Acarina : Cryptostigmata) fauna from the Thar desert of Rajasthan, India/K. Asok Sanyal and Asit K. Bhattacharyya. 17. A study in the Cladoceran fauna of Hyderabad and its environs, Andhra Pradesh/S.V.A. Chandrasekhar. 18. Aphids on medicinal plants in North East India (Insecta : Homoptera : Aphididae)/Shelley Ghosh and Rajendra Singh.
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