Border Society : A Study of Network and Linkage

Sudhendu Chanda, ASI, 2003, 91 p, 17 tables, 9 maps, ISBN : 818557958X, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The Border Society : A Study of Network and Linkage/Sudhendu Chanda

Contents: Introduction. 1. Area and the people. 2. The village and the villagers. 3. Economic networks. 4. Socio-cultural networks. 5. Political networks. 6. Religious networks. Discussion. Appendices. Bibliography.

"This book is an outcome of extensive painstaking research work. The book aims to highlight the system of network of communication in the border society of West Bengal and Orissa. The book brings into relief the interaction pattern of the villagers in the border area in different aspects of life and activities cutting across the administrative and linguistic barriers and how village cohesion and cooperation are being maintained by the villagers.

This book also highlight how various factors and cultural norms and values help to develop a sort of common feelings of regional patriotism or sense of oneness for a more secured and effective life. The work also highlight how village networks serve as models or diversity and of integration.

Such study will certainly enrich the theoretical ideas of network and linkage in cultural anthropology." (jacket)

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