A Text Book of Rasashastra

Vilas A. Dole and Prakash Paranjpe, Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishtha, 2010, reprint, xvi, 438 p, tables, plates, ISBN : 8170842309, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Text Book of Rasashastra/Vilas A. Dole and Prakash Paranjpe

Contents: 1. Introduction to Rasashastra. 2. Terminology. 3. Science of Appliances. 4. The Crucibles. 5. Fireplace and ancient pyrometry. 6. Mercury. 7. Production of Mercury. 8. The eight staged purification of Mercury. 9. Parada : Gati and Banda. 10. Few Mercurial formulations. 11. Classification of substances and few general procedures. 12. Maharasa. 13. Uparasa. 14. Sadharana rasa. 15. Metals. 16. Gemstones and semi-precious stones. 17. Calcium compounds. 18. Poisons & semipoisons. 19. The drugs & cosmetics act, 1940.

"A Text Book of Rasashastra" Written by Dr. Vilas Dole and Dr. Prakash Paranjpe is a unique textbook in English on the subject. Incorporation of various tables, flow-charts, line-drawings and coloured photographs have enriched the book in its substance. Humble efforts of the authors to integrate Ayurvedic philosophy with modern postulates and parameters add to the value of this book. This book will be of a great help not only to the second year students of Ayurveda, but also to researchers, teachers, scientists and people interested in Ayurveda allover  the world."

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