Biodiversity Documentation for Kerala, Part 10 : Reptiles

P S Easa and K K Ramachandran, Kerala Forest Res Inst, 2004, pbk, v, 57 p, ISBN : 8185041520, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Biodiversity Documentation for Kerala, Part 10 : Reptiles/P.S. Easa and K.K. RamachandranContents: Preface. Introduction. Class: Reptilia: i. Order: Crocodylia. Family Crocodylidae. ii. Order: Chelonia. Family: i. Dermochelyidae. ii. Chelonidae. iii. Emydidae. iv. Trionychidae. v. Testudinidae. Order: Squamata: Sub order: Lacertilia. Family: i. Agamidae. ii. Lacertidae. iii. Geckonidae. iv. Scincidae. Sub order: Sauria. Family: i. Chamaeleonidae. ii. Varanidae. Sub order: Serpents. Family: i. Boidae. ii. Typhlopidae. iii. Uropletidae. iv. Colubridae. v. Viperidae. vi. Elapidae. vii. Hydrophidae. References. Index of scientific names.
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