Christian Responses to Indian Philosophy

K P Aleaz, Punthi Pustak, 2005,  x, 326 p, ISBN : 8186791493, $35.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Christian Responses to Indian Philosophy/K.P. Aleaz

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Krishna Mohun Banerjea's Dialogues on the Hindu Philosophy. 2. Nehemiah Nilakantha Sasti Goreh's Rational Refutation of the Hindu Philosophical Systems. 3. Two Pioneer Christian Responses to Hindu Philosophical Systems: A Comparison and Evaluation. 4. A Christian philosophy from within the Advaita Vedanta of Sankara. 5. A.J. Appasamy's Response to Visistadvaita of Ramanuja. 6. Ignatius Puthiadam's Analysis of Dvaita Vedanta of Sri Madhvacarya in the Context of the thought of Thomas Aquinas. 7. John Vattanky and the Navyanyaya as a philosophical foundation for Indian Christian theology. 8. Christian responses to Yoga philosophy. 9. Francis X. D'Sa and the Mimamsa school of philosophy. 10. Indian biblical-theological hermeneutics in the context of Dhvani and Sabda methods of understanding and interpretation. 11. Indian philosophical Pramanas as Indian Christian Pramanas. 12. Syadvada's inspiration to an Indian Christian theology of religions. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.

"Indian Christian thinkers have responded both negatively and positively to the diverse schools of Indian philosophy. It is the contention of this work that the negative responses will naturally fade away and the positive responses alone will stand out in history in the reconstruction of Indian Christian thought. Also, Indian Christian thought developed in terms of the contributions of Indian philosophical schools can be first step in the articulation of an Indian Christian philosophy.

 Navya-Nyaya proclaims that human intellect has infinite capacity to reach out to the ultimate. Yoga steps helps not union with God, but the separation of matter from the Soul. Sabda method of scriptural hermeneutics of Mimamsa and Advaita Vedanta has a distinctive contribution as compared to the dhvani method. Advaita provides a meaningful interpretation of trinity, Jesus and creation. Syadvada of Jainism makes a valuable contribution to the school of pluralism in theology of religions. The book unfolds insights as these and much more." (jacket)

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