Building a New Asia

Edited by Mahavir Singh, Shipra, 2005, xviii, 349 p, ISBN : 8175412410, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Building a New Asia/edited by Mahavir Singh

Contents: Introduction. 1. Building a New Asian security system through regional cooperation renewal of Bandung spirit/Devendra Kaushik. 2. Security and cooperation in Asia favourable conditions and adverse factors/Du Yanling. 3. New Asia: development and globalisation/Felix N. Yurlov. 4. Imperialism -- the building of a New Asia/C.P. Bhambhri. 5. A preliminary analysis of the development of the Asian regional economic cooperation/Xu Yongquan. 6. Strategic triangle of China, India and Russia ideal and reality/Zhou Yuyun. 7. Russia-India-China: strategic cooperation and a Pan Asian order/R.R. Subramanian. 8. Russia-India-China cooperation: the shaping of a notion in Russian foreign policy/Hari Vasudevan. 9. Stabilizing Asia: regional and global challenges/R.R. Sharma. 10. Status Quo or big leap forward: domestic constraints and civil society in contemporary Asia/Saradindu Mukherji. 11. Reflections on India's cultural relations with South-East Asia/V. Suryanarayan. 12. Central Asian and South Asian cooperation potential to be used and utilized/F.G. Teshabaev. 13. No alternative to collaboration and cooperation between countries/Surat Mirkasymov. 14. Indo-central Asians relations and a New Asia/Surendra Gopal. 15. South Asia and Pan-Asian cooperation/D.R. Goyal. 16. Eurasia calling: significance of cooperation in a changing world/P.L. Dash. 17. India-Russia strategic partnership: implications for common security of Asia/R.S. Yadav. 18. Asian powers and Central Asian security/Ajay Patnaik. 19. Regional cooperation in Central Asia/Vasundhara Mohan. 20. The main factors that influence the security of the middle east after the Iraqi War/Zhang Jianwei. 21. The Al Qaeda threat to Southeast Asian security: problems and prospects/S.P. Singh. 22. Changing dynamics of regionalism in Southeast Asia/Shankari Sundararaman. 23. Russia and the Asian giants: the problems and the prospects of cooperation (energy sphere)/Sergei Lounev. 24. Interaction and confidence-building measures in Asia: an Asian forum/Meena Singh Roy. 25. Japan and Asia/Sanjana Joshi. 26. Problems of National Security of Kyrgyzstan in modern situation/Ainur Elebaeva. 27. Mongolia's security concerns in the post-cold war period/Sharad K. Soni. 28. Regional experiences in solving water resources problems in Tajikistan/I. Sh. Normatov. 29. India and Asia: the administrational linkages for security and development/Hoshiar Singh. 30. About roots of religions and political extremism and dissemination of terrorism/Askar Shomanov. 31. From Shanghai five to shanghai cooperation organisation: an emerging mechanism of regional security in Eurasia/Nalin Kumar Mohapatra. Index.

"The contributions contained in the volume examine and discuss the problems and prospects of building a New Asia through cooperation in the field of security and development at both regional and Pan-Asian levels. Besides, delineating the contours of the changing dynamics of regionalism and regional cooperation in the various regions of the vast Asian continent, an abode for more than half of humankind, representing a wide spectrum of religio-cultural and ethnic diversity, the contributors also highlight the urgency of overcoming this diversity through joint efforts for development and ensuring security through non-military means in the spirit of the historic Bandung Conference.

The book also draws attention towards the need for ushering in a multi-polar world to successfully meet the challenges of globalisation through intensified cooperation among the Asian states at all levels -- bilateral, trilateral and multilateral. Notwithstanding, the heavy odds the contributors drawn from India and a number of Asian and Eurasian countries look forward to a vibrant and dynamic New Asia emerging out of the post-cold war era." (jacket)

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