Coins of South India

Walter Elliot, Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, 2005, xi, 175 p, map, figs, plates, ISBN : 8180900843, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Coins of South India/Walter Elliot

Contents: Preface. Alphabets of Southern India. Introduction. Ancient geography of the Dakhan. Principal dynasties of Southern India. Collections of their coins hitherto described and classification of their contents. I. Northern die coins: Andhras: i. Andhra dynasty according to the Puranas tested by. ii. Contemporary Greek historians. iii. Inscriptions. iv. Coins themselves. Conclusions drawn from the above for the chronology of the earlier Andhras. Era of the later Andhras or Andhra-Bhrtyas, and their supposed connection with the Saka era: i. Succession of the Andhra-Bhrtyas. ii. Memorials of Andhra rule. iii. Character of the Andhra coinage. Caromandel Coast die coins: 1. The Kurumbars. 2. The Pallavas. II: 1. Origins of South Indian metrical system. 2. Earliest indigenous coins: i. Gold coinage. ii. Silver. iii. Copper. 3. South-western coins. 4. Dynasties and coins of Kuntala: i. Kadamba dynasty. ii. Chalukya Empire (a) Western Chalukya dynasty. iii. Ratta or Rastrakuta dynasty of Manyakheta. iv. The Kalachuris of Kalyan. v. The Yadavas of Devagiri. vi. Yadavas of Dvarasamudra, commonly called Hoysla Ballalas. vii. Kakatiya of Ganapati dynasty of Warangal. viii. Eastern Chalukya dynasty. ix. Last Great Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagar. x. The Vema Reddis of Kondavid. xi. Silaharas. xii. Wodeiyar dynasty of Maisur. III: 1. Coins of Dravida. 2. Dynasties of Dravida: i. Chera and Kongu dynasties. ii. Pandyan. iii. Chola dynasty. 3. Travancore, Cochin, and Kerala. 4. Concluding remarks: i. Modern gold pagodas. ii. Modern gold fanams. Appendices: 1. Recent discoveries of ancient Rastrakuta coins. 2. Correction of Eastern Chalukya genealogy. 3. Description of plate I. 4. Explanatory note to plates II, III and IV. 5. Plate II. 6. Plate III. 7. Plate IV. Index.

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