Acinpakhi Infinity : Indigenous Theatre of Bangladesh

Syed Jamil Ahmed, The University Press, 2000, xxii, 375 p, plates, figs, ISBN : 9840514628, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Acinpakhi Infinity : Indigenous Theatre of Bangladesh/Syed Jamil Ahmed

Contents: Introduction. 1. Performances related to Krsna and Caitanya. 2. Performances related to Ramacandra. 3. Performances related to Siva and Kali. 4. Performances related to Manasa. 5. Performances related to Buddhism and Natha cult. 6. Performances related to Muslim saints and legendary heroes. 7. Secular performances. 8. Hybrid performances. Conclusion. Bibliography. Glossary. Index.

"Acinpakhi Infinity combines a wide range of theoretical learning and understanding of the indigenous theatre in Bangladesh and describes fully the way in which the tradition lives in Bangladesh today. It studies over eighty genres, which are related to various religions, (such as Islam and Buddhism), and cults (such as Krsna and Caitanya, Ramacandra, Siva and Kali, Manasa and Natha). It also includes a number of secular performances. The methodology adopted for major part of the study is based on fieldwork which includes witnessing performances in actual condition, interviewing the performers and the spectators, and studying written texts, audio recording and photographs of performances. In a few cases, performances, which no longer exist, have also been studied from published accounts. Excepting the minor cases, most of the genres have been studies in terms of : (i) background information of the genre, its performers and sponsors, (ii) performance space, (iii) text, (iv) structure of performance and (v) miscellaneous information related to the genre. Plans of performance space and photographs of performance have also been provided. Art forms tend to go through perpetual changes but it is hoped that the book will help the readers journey into an art form rooted in endogenity."

[Syed Jamil Ahmed is Associate Professor at the Department of Theatre and Music, University of Dhaka].  (jacket)

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