Bangladesh at Work

Caroline Feller Bauer, The University Press, 2006, 96 p, photographs, ISBN : 9840517651, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Bangladesh at Work/Caroline Feller Bauer

"Bangladesh is like living in a history book, says Caroline Bauer, and that is what makes the country so incredibly interesting--never ever boring.

It's difficult to ignore the signs of an emerging economy: supermarkets, shopping malls, shops with air conditioning, cell phones and the increased vehicular traffic.

However, look around and you will see artisans and craft people, vendors, agricultural workers, and housewives all going about their business as they have done for generations.

This book celebrates the men, women and children who continue to produce and exchange goods in the traditional marketplace.

Need your shoes repaired, your bicycle fixed, or furniture made? You won't have to go far. There is probably someone in your neighborhood who can build a fence, or show you how to cultivate rice, dig a well, or even make a rope.

Here is a book to browse through or get inspiration from. You won't want to part with your copy but will want to give a copy as a gift to your friends, relatives and colleagues.

This is Bangladesh. 'The way it is... the way it was', preserved for you and your grandchildren to enjoy. It is the ultimate souvenir of Bangladesh today." (jacket)

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