A Field Guide to Bangladeshi Flowers

N.S. Nowroz Jahan, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2005, xxvii, 652 p, figs, ISBN : 9843228898, $170.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Field Guide to Bangladeshi Flowers/N.S. Nowroz Jahan

From the introduction: "The main purpose of this book is to introduce flowering plants and flowers of Bangladesh to the readers. The book will be useful for the students of schools and colleges, as well as for researchers engaged in the study of herbal medicine and the people involved in commerce and industry of medicinal plants.

About 600 species of flowering plants under 118 families have been described in the book. Description includes habit and habitats of plants, leaves, flowers, inflorescence, fruits and roots. Information about propagation and medicinal qualities has also been provided.

Flowers have been arranged in alphabetical order, taking into account family names and botanical names of flowering plants. Every flower has been introduced with a local name, followed by the botanical and family name.

Most of the flowers described in the book are indigenous. Some flowers, which appear foreign, have been cultivated in this land for a long time and are adapted to the soil and climatic conditions here. As they are no more foreign flowers, they have been included in this book as local flowers."

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