A Text Book of Physical Geography

Philip Lake, Srishti Book, 2006, xx, 324 p, figs, maps, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Text Book of Physical Geography/Philip LakeContents: I. The atmosphere: 1. Introduction. Composition of the atmosphere. 2. Atmospheric pressure and its influence on winds. 3. Influence of atmospheric pressure upon the weather. 4. Distribution of pressure and circulation of the atmosphere. 5. The horizontal distribution of temperature. 6. Vertical distribution of temperature. 7. Humidity of the atmosphere. 8. Precipitation. II. The ocean: 9. The oceans. 10. Salinity of the sea. 11. Temperature of the ocean. 12. Waves and tides. 13. Currents. 14. Deposits on the ocean floor. 15. Coral reefs and Islands. III. The land: 16. Materials of the earth's crust. 17. Earth movements. 18. Shore lines. 19. Deltas and estuaries. 20. Earth sculpture. 21. Rivers. 22. Development of river-systems. 23. Underground water. 24. Snow and ice. 25. Wind. 26. Influence of climate upon topographical features. 27. Volcanoes. 28. Lakes. Appendix. Index.
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