A Guide to Library and Information Science Jobs

Mahendra Kumar Seth, Abhijeet Publications, 2006, viii, 152 p, ISBN : 8188683922, $21.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Guide to Library and Information Science Jobs/Mahendra Kumar Seth.

Contents: Preface. I. Long multiple type Q/A: 1. Library automation. 2. Electronic/digital library. 3. Consortia in libraries. 4. Library networking. 5. World wide web/internet. 6. Library vs. internet. 7. Reasons why the internet is no substitute for a library. 8. Internet search tips and strategies. 9. TQM in libraries. 10. Marketing of information products and services for libraries. 11. Marketing and total quality management. II. Objective/multiple type questions/answers: 1. Information and communication. 2. Information and references sources/services. 3. Information processing and organization/retrieval. 4. Management of libraries/information centers. 5. Information technology. III. Short/ Objective type for both interview/written: 1. Contribution of Prof. S.R. Ranganathan. 2. Library legislation in India. 3. Important library (resources) journals. 4. List of some Indian library journals & place of publications. 5. Major library consortia and organizations in the international basis. 6. Library and information sciences links. 7. Library software. 8. Sci-tech databases. 9. Indian discussion forums. 10. Computer capacity measurement. 11. Library organizations/associations. 12. Word and their origin. 13. Library and information science job listing. 14. Library schemes of classifications origin (year). 15. Universal decimal classification quick. References table.

"This book is an attempt to create awareness on the secrets of interview and a guide to various LIS examinations among the students and professionals in the field of Library & Information Science (LIS) by reviewing various current interviews, examinations, suggestions from experts, specialist, etc. It is also an attempt to present a comprehensive guide on current interview system for sure success especially in the various departmental interviews or fresh candidates. The work contain sufficient current and up-to-date sources presented/published in different current journals, magazines, seminar/conferences, discussions/ forums, meetings, interview board, and internet resources etc. This book can be consulted by both the interviewed/ interviewers/examiners/examined for a grand success of the same.

This book focuses on varied aspects of job surety in the field of LIS in particular and other fields in general as an example. The entire book is having three different parts: I-descriptive information on --interview, CV writing, some frequently asked interview Q/A and some current descriptive titles, Part II consists of important objective and multiple types of Q/A, Part III is having some of the most selective LIS & IT resources. At the end an alphabetical glossary of words are provided for a ready reference for all possible questions in the field of LIS, IT & computer science.

Its specialty is in each section, it is clear and unique in its area and easy to retain the answers in mind without any loss of memory. It is also based on newly revised syllabus of SLET/NET and latest interviews methods adopted in the present digital libraries environment. It serves as a complete guide in the hand of the person who can succeed in all respects of his career in the field." (jacket)

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