Leafy Vegetables and Mushrooms

B L Jana and P K Das, Agrotech Publishing Academy, 2007, 320 p, tables, ills, ISBN : 8183210589, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. About the authors. I. Leafy vegetables: 1. Antioxidants. 2. Importance and scope of vegetables. 3. Production and productivity of vegetables. 4. Edible part of vegetables. 5. Some suggestions for preparation of leaf vegetables. 6. Medicinal value of leafy vegetables. 7. Some important leafy vegetables. References. II. Mushroom: 8. What are mushrooms. 9. Botany. 10. Physiology. 11. Food value and nutritional supplement. 12. Spwan and seed production. 13. Cultivation pre-requisites. 14. Insect-pests and diseases of mushroom-their control. 15. Extension training and entrepreneurship. 16. Mushroom farming-future prospects and problems. 17. Medicinal value of mushrooms. 18. Recipes of mushroom. Reference. Subject index.

"Leafy Vegetables and Mushrooms are the store-house of useful minerals and vitamins at the cheapest price, and are now-a-days considered as the corner stones of health care system due to presence of many helpful phytochemicals in alleviating some serious diseases. Fruits and vegetables and particularly leafy vegetables and mushrooms containing phyto factors potential are now referred to as functional food or health food being known as protective food. In the modern system of disease control, the leafy vegetables and mushrooms containing strong antioxidants properties or phytochemicals neutralise the injurious effects of free radicals as scavengers and thus help in specific body functions in reducing the risk of incidence of many diseases like cardiovascular problems, various types of arthritis, cancer, AIDS and various other degenerative diseases.

Mushrooms farming has been practised quite long on commercial scale in the developed countries like USA, France, Holland and China. The story of mushroom cultivation in India is hardly about 50 years old. In India mushroom growing centres are mainly in the north and some in the south and Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. In recent years, however, the eastern states are also taking interest in its cultivation. When the whole world vis-a-vis our country in suffering from malnutrition and food shortage, we should pay utmost attention to leafy vegetables and mushrooms farming for a sustained health care system.

This book entitled 'Leafy Vegetables and Mushrooms' has got tremendous impact on the socio-economic upliftment of the resource-poor farming community as well as generating self employment of the rural unemployed youths and for the ultimate benefits of the growers, giving them sound information and technical know-how on culture, either on home scale or commercial dimension. The authors have been prompted to write this book as a practical reference document for the students of colleges and the universities. Items covered in the book include the range of leafy vegetables, antioxidant property of leafy vegetables and mushrooms, importance and scope of leafy vegetables and mushrooms, their immense nutritional and medicinal value alongwith suitable sketches, photographs and supporting tables for an in-depth assessment of the updated knowledge on the nutritional and medicinal enterprises of 36 important leafy vegetables and commonly grown, mushroom farming in India. In a nutshell, it is an indispensable book for every household especially in the developing countries of South East Asia and other third world countries." (jacket)

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