Advanced Ecology

edited by Arvind Kumar and Lalan Kumar Singh, Daya, 2006, x, 306 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8170354285, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advanced Ecology/edited by Arvind Kumar and Lalan Kumar Singh

Contents: Preface. 1. Community ecology: a critical review/Arvind Kumar. 2. The invertebrate colonization during decomposition of Eichhornia crassipes solms in the mouth zone of Guarei river into Jurumirim reservoir/R. Henry and N. de L. Stripari. 3. Effects of prescribed burning on bacterial and fungal communities of top soil in Olokemeji forest reserve, Nigeria/A. Akinsoji and Elizabeth Sowemimo. 4. Muga based ecological farming system: an approach to sustainable rural development and ecorestoration/ L.N. Kakati and B.T. Kakati. 5. Water management and analysis /K. Bayapu Reddy, R.V.S.S.L. Revathi and T. Manjunatha. 6. Biomonitoring approach with benthic macro-invertebrates for water quality assessment in Amedium reservoir/Ch. Srinivas and Ravi Shankar Piska. 7. Diversity of phyto and zooplankton with reference to pollution status of Kalavam Bazaar lake, Arcot, Vellore district/V. Indra, V. Prabakaran and R. Balachandar. 8. Biochemical changes in the snail bellamya bengalensis (lamarck) under toxic stress of sumicidin/P.H. Rohankar and K.M. Kulkarni. 9. Air pollution and human body/V. Rajendra Prasad, Y. Prasanna Kumar, P. King and V.S.R.K. Prasad. 10. Requirement of dietary vitamin E in relation to growth, feed conversion and deficiency symptoms for the fingerlings of labeo rohita (hamilton)/Ashok K. Gupta. 11. Effect of metal poisoning on total body carbohydrate in sphaerodema rusticum (belostomatidae: hemiptera)/S. Mumtazuddinj and S. Ehteshamuddin. 12. A model approach for the water quality: a case study of river Cauvery/A.G. Nataraj, K.L. Prakash,  R.K. Somashekar and N. Manamohan Rao. 13. Impact of tourist influx on the courtallam water quality index/G. Gitanjali and A. Kumaresan. 14. Water quality index for ground water affected with bicycle manufacturing industrial wastes: an environmental quality audit/Vineeta Shunkla, Sharda Abusaria, Monika Dhakkhar and K.V. Sastry. 15. Zooplankton diversity in the Chennai coast, Tamil Nadu/V. Indra and R. Ramanibai. 16. The diversity and seasonality of soil protozoans in Gir protected area/Pragna Parikh, Rushita Adhikari and Kiran Ahir. 17. Investigation on sub surface water quality of Tarikere taluk with special reference to physico-chemical characteristics/K. Harish Babu and E.T. Puttaiah. 18. Analysis of fluoride in the groundwater of Akola district: a case study/S.B. Thakare, A.V. Parwate, M. Rao. 19. Parasitic infection and drinking water quality in Lashkar township (Gwalior)/M.P. Naseem Khan, Asha Mathur and R. Mathur. 20. Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (EDS) analysis of cesspool environment soil samples/J. Subashini, N. Ramamurthy and G. Jagadeesan. 21. Effect of stocking density on the blood parameters of Goldfish carassius aurtatus/A. Elezabeth Mary and M. Sakthivel. 22. Food and feeding habits of the gobiid fish pseudapocryptes lanceolatus (bloch and schneider, 1801) of the Vasista Godavari estuary, East coast of India K.V.C.S. Appa Rao and K. Sreeramulu. 23. Physico-chemical studies on pollution in river Sengar at District Etawah (U.P.) K.K. Saxena, Raj Narayan and Yogesh Babu Dixit. 24. Distribution of nutrients at different seasons in Tharangambadi-Vanjur coasts, south east coast of India/P. Martin Deva Prasath and T. Hidayathullakhan. 25. Impact of Garbage Dumping on the groundwater quality of Madurai city: a case study/S. Sheerin and Mary Esther Rani. 26. Occurrence of a cyanophycean bloom in Mallapura tank near Chitradurga, Karnataka/A.B. Banakar, B.R. Kiran, R. Purushothama, E.T. Puttaiah and S. Manjappa. 27. Physico-chemical parameters and elemental analysis of the soils of sugarcane fields with and without Red Rot disease incidence/S. Velmurugan, R. Narayanaswamy and S. Ravi. 28. Impact of fungicide validacin-3L on bioenergetics of the freshwater fish silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix/S. Athikesavan, S. Vincent and B. Velmurugan. 29. BGA diversity in paddy fields and wetlands of Satna (M.P.)/Rashmi Singh and Priti Samdariya. 30. Effect of earthworm exudate on growth and yield of tagetes erecta L. (family:compositae)/Shweta, Deepika Sharma, Sonal and Kiran Kumar. 31. Population Dynamics and carrying capacity of Thoubal district/S.R. Singh. P. Rukamini Devi, N.B. Devi, W.K. Devi, N.S. Devi. 32. Pesticide induced impairment on the carbohydrate metabolism in the fish mystus vittatus/R. Sornaraj, A.J.A Ranjit Singh and A. Pushparaj. 33. The studies on fisheries of tilapia-dominated perennial tank/A. Madhusudhan Rao and Ravi Shankar Piska. 34. Study on soil respiration in the rainy season for subtropical pine forest stand, Manipur/Ujala Devi and E.J. Singh. 35. Pesticidal stress influenced respiratory alterations in the freshwater fish, mystus vittatus/R. Sonaraj, A.J.A. Ranjit Singh,. A. Pushparaj and G. Ramathilagam. 36. Acute Toxicity of curacron (profenofos )and Karate (lambda cyhalothrin to cyprinus carpio, linn.)/C. Radhkrishnan Nair and A. Palavesam. 37. Impact of textile mill effluent on seed germination and seedling growth of lablab purpureus L./M. Rajasekara Pandian, G. Sharmila Banu, G. Kumar and K.H. Smila. 38. Problems related to processing of manganese ore fines/V. Rajendra Prasad, Y. Prasanna Kumar, P. King and V.S.R.K. Prasad. 39. Upgradation of minerals through bioleaching/V. Rajendra Prasad,Y. Prasanna Kumar, P. King and V.S.R.K. Prasad. 40.Ambient noise quality around sensitive areas in Asansol city, W.B./D. Banerjee and S.K. Chakraborty. 41. Physico-chemical characteristics of drinking water in selected areas of Namakkal town (Tamil Nadu) India: a case study/M. Rajasekara Pandian, G. Sharmila Banu, G. Kumar and K.H. Smila. 42. Assessment of copper concentrations in two freshwater Reservoirs of Nanded, Maharashtra state/G. Gyananath, S.V. Shewdikar, T.A. Kadam, S.K.G.K. Charyulu and R.S. Rao. 43. Limnological studies of ponds of Chikmagalur, Karnataka/S.G. Malammanavar and N. Ramesh. 44. Heavy metal concentrations in the edible crab scylla serrata in the Malancha region of Indian Sundarbans/Kakoli Banerjee, Abhijit Mitra, Rajib Chakraborty, Anumita Das, Debarati Mukherjee. 45. Population structure of calotes vesicolor (Daudin) in and industrial area in Vadodara district of Gujarat state, India/Rushita Adhikari, B. Suresh and Bonny Pilo. Index.

"India exhibits a panorama of the ecological conditions of rest of the world within her geographical boundaries. Ecology is a multidisciplinary science. Ecology is regarded as the science which investigates organisms in relation to their environment and a philosophy in which the world of life is interpreted in terms of natural processes. The growing population, relentless marches towards development and the subsequent increasing have forced man towards urbanization and industrialization. The waste, which is posing serious ecological problem, should be recycled in time to keep the ecosystem healthy.

This book is a unique collection of research articles which must be useful to the ecologists, academicians, researchers, administrators, industrialists, environmental lawyers, rural technologists and the interested people in general."

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