Central Asia : Travels in Cashmere, Little Tibet, and Central Asia

Compiled by Bayard Taylor, Cosmo, 2005, vi, 296 p, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Central Asia : Travels in Cashmere, Little Tibet, and Central Asia/Compiled by Bayard Taylor

Contents: 1. The countries of Central Asia. 2. Marco Polo in Central Asia. 3. Modern attempts at exploration. 4. Vine's journey to Cashmere. 5. The valley of Cashmere and the ruins of Martund. 6. Srinagur, the capital of Cashmere--city, environs, shawls, and inhabitants. 7. Journey to Iskardo and the upper Indus. 8. Journey to Ladak. 9. Mr. Shaw's preparations to explore Central Asia. 10. Journey to the Karakash river. 11. Detention at the frontier. 12. The march to Yarkand. 13. Residence in Yarkand. 14. The journey to Kashghar. 15. Detention at Kashghar. 16. The return to Yarkand, and second residence there. 17. Crossing the Karakoram pass, and end of the journey.

"Poet and travel writer Bayard Taylor produced popular chronicles of his journeys at home and abroad, as well as novels and collections of poetry. After he went to the Middle East, India, China and Japan in 1851, 1853, he published three volumes that mark his zenith as a travel writer, including The Lands of the Saracen; or Pictures of Palestine, Asia Minor, Sicily, and Spain (1855).

Bayard Taylor always considered himself native to the east, and it was with great delight that in 1851 he found himself on the banks of the Nile, he ascended as far as 12' 30o N, and stored his memory with countless sights and delights, to many of which he afterwards gave expression in metrical form. From England, towards the end of 1852, he sailed for Calcutta, proceeding thence to China, where he joined the expedition of Commodore Perry to Japan." (jacket)

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