Andhra Sri : Recent Researches on Archaeology, Art, Architecture and Culture

Myneni Krishnakumari, The Associated Pub, 2006, xiv, 300 p, illus, ISBN : 818429025X, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Andhra Sri : Recent Researches on Archaeology, Art, Architecture and Culture/Myneni Krishnakumari

Contents: Preface. Introduction. Historical process in Andhra. I. Archaeology: 1. Buried objects and foundation rituals in archaeological context from Andhra. 2. Archaeological context of small Stupas and Reliquary- evidence from Andhra. 3. Fresh light on relics and reliquaries in early Buddhism- evidence from Andhra. II. Art and Architecture: 1. Unpublished sculpture of Lajja Gauri with Narasimha from Madugula. 2. Narrative modes in the sculptures and paintings of Purushamriga. 3. Hanuman cult in Andhra-Gleanings through literature and art. 4. Iconography of Brahma. 5. Dikpalas and Hindu Mythology. 6. New light on Ardhanarisvara Linga temples of Andhra. 7. A rare temple of Vennamudda Krishnasvamy in Guntur district. 8. Identification of a relief sculpture from Chennakesava temple, Macherla. 9. Siva's fury with special reference to a rare relief sculpture from Bhubaneswar. 10. Kalesvaradeva temple at Madugula. III. Culture: 1. The forgotten history of Vijayawada. 2. Desecration of Hindu temples in Guntur district under French rule gelanings through village Kaifiyats. 3. Corruption and misuse of power under the Qutb Shahis. 4. The concept of 'Heaven' and 'Hell' in Telugu literature. 5. Diasporic Telugu Brahmins-reconstruction through inscriptions and place names. Bibliography.

"This book provides not merely a synthesis of existing material on the cultural history of the Andhras but also original research, insight and in some cases thoughtful new interpretations. In recent years interest in cultural history has grown and has played an ever-increasing part in the reinterpretation of history of the nation in general and Andhra in particular. Spanning the period from the early historical times to the late medieval period Krishnakumari's the wide-ranging and analytical survey of the archaeological and literary sources demonstrates the growth and development of religious traditions and ritual practices around some Hindu divinities, popularity of certain Gods over the others and the development of monumental art and architecture through the ages. Covering a wide range of topics and issues of cultural history of Andhra, it brings to light for the first time some unpublished and unnoticed data through intensive field studies. The topics included in the volume were neither sufficiently focused nor discussed earlier in the works on the cultural history of Andhradesa. The book's wide ranging and rigorous analysis of the new evidences offers one of the most powerful statements written on the cultural history." (jacket) 

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