Sociological Perspectives on Globalisation

Edited by Ajaya Kumar Sahoo, Kalpaz, 2006, 322 p, tables, figs, maps, ISBN : 8178355809, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Sociological Perspectives on Globalisation/edited by Ajaya Kumar Sahoo

Contents: Preface. Acknowledgements. Contributors. Introduction-globalization: a sociological dimension/Ajaya Kumar Sahoo. 1. Academic-sociology and use-sociology: a Dilemma/Samir Dasgupta. 2. Civil society, citizenship and subaltern counter publics in India/Sarbeswar Sahoo. 3. Engendering health and human rights of tribal women in the Koraput District of Orissa/Soubhagya Ranjan Padhi and Biswajita Padhi. 4. Gender, property and democracy in South Asian tribal societies: a case study of North-east India/R.A. Mangathai. 5. Poverty alleviation through self help groups: issues of sustainability in Tripura/Jayanta Choudhury. 6. Agro-based religion: a case study in coastal Orissa/Nihar Ranjan Mishra. 7. Rural health and disease: a case study of Gurdaspur District of Punjab/N.R. Kahlon. 8. Development of sugalis: an emperical study in Andhra Pradesh/Eswarappa Kasi & R. Siva Prasad. 9. Business process outsourcing-IT enabled services: consolidation and beyond/Taruna Upadhyaya. 10. Socio-economic dimensions of Indian Diaspora in the globalisation era/V. Basil Hans. 11. The rise and growth of Indian communities in Trinidad/Mukesh Kumar. 12. Strategic framework for engaging India with India Diaspora/Jeetendra D. Soni & Surendra D. Soni. 13. Studying Diaspora online: Migration, community formation and transnational networks/Ajaya Kumar Sahoo. Index.

"India is relatively a latecomer to the very concept of globalisation and have only embarked towards this journey around fifteen years ago. The impact of this globalisation embrace are still being played out although certain trends are now beginning to become apparent. The present book deals with an interesting collection of essays by specialist scholars on different aspects of sociological perspectives on globalisation. The book will be useful not only to sociologists but scholars working in the field of social anthropology, political science, cultural and ethnic studies and of course the rapidly growing fields of diaspora and transnational studies." (jacket)

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