Advances in Mushroom Science

Ram Dutta, Satish Serial Pub, 2007, xiv, 240 p, figs, ISBN : 8189304275, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. History of mushroom science. 3. Nutritional value of mushrooms. 4. Classification and morphology of mushrooms. 5. Substrates and their management. 6. Spawn and spawning. 7. Environmentally safe practices. 8. Cultivation of white button mushroom. 9. Cultivation of Oyster. 10. Cultivation of Shiitake mushroom. 11. Cultivation of paddy straw mushroom. 12. Post harvest technology. 13. Management of Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS). 14. Economics of mushroom cultivation. 15. Pests and diseases management. 16. Marketing mushroom. 17. Medicinal value of mushrooms. 18. Mushrooms and religion. 19. Ecosystem and mushrooms cultivation. 20. Mushroom toxins. 21. Mushroom recipes. 22. Magic and hallucinogenic mushrooms. 23. Edible and poisonous mushrooms. 24. Glossary. Appendix. References.

"Mushrooms have been recognised as most loved vegetarian food, rich in nutrition, particularly protein. With their flavour, texture, nutritional value, very high productivity per unit area and time, less dependence on land and ability to grow on a variety of residual agricultural wastes, mushrooms have rightly been identified as a food source to fight malnutrition in developing countries.

This book is an exhaustive knowledge on mushrooms from basics to advances, designed in such a way to include almost all the spheres of the mushroom science including historical perspective: nutritional value; and medicinal properties. The cultivation of important type of mushrooms suited for Indian conditions have been dealt in a very simple, lucid and easily digestible language. The technical words in the text are provided with illustrations in the form of 'glossary'." (jacket)

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