Analysis of Cricket Skills

Vijay Kumar Srivastava, Sports Pub, 2007, vi, 112 p, ISBN : 817879392X, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Analysis of Cricket Skills/Vijay Kumar Srivastava

Contents: 1. Mechanical analysis of selected batting skill. 2. Perpendicular bat strokes. 3. Horizontal bat strokes. 4. A batting secret--how to avoid edges. 5. Some erroneous practices. 6. Analysis of simple bowling. 7. Mechanical analysis of cricket bowling. 8. Analysis of cricket bowling action of Paul Adams. 9. The mechanics of bowling. 10. Conclusion.

"Cricket is the team game which gained so much momentum these days that it is almost familiar and played around the world.

The present book entitled Analysis of Cricket Skills is specially intended for the young aspiring cricketers and sportsperson who wish to learn and develop their cricket skills.

In this book, the techniques of batting and bowling are examined and analysed with instances where necessary. The tactics and underlying psychology of the game are also discussed fully.

Hopefully, the present book will be useful and handy for the aspirants of cricket, prospective coaches and those interested in learning the game of cricket." (jacket)

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