Promises and Perils in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Saurabh Kumar Dixit, Aman Pub, 2006, xxvi, 438 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8182040108, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Promises and Perils in Hospitality and Tourism Management/Saurabh Kumar Dixit

Contents: Preface. Section A. Contemporary issues of hospitality and tourism management: 1. Cruise competition and qualitative analysis of passenger trends/Jin Wang and Petros Lois. 2. The application of marketing strategy in the tourism and hospitality industry/Marios D. Soteriades. 3. Semantic web technologies in tourism information systems/Dimitris N. Kanellopoulos. 4. Demographic and economic patterns in Italian tourism in the last century/Adriana Galvani. 5. Crisis management in tourism industry/Senol Cavus and Abdullah Tanrisevdi. Section B. Ecological perspectives: 6. Environmental impacts of nature-based tourism in South Africa/Anna Spenceley. 7. Opportunities and pitfalls in ecotourism development/Ian D. Rotherham. 8. The impact of ecotourism development in Kenya: environmental issues of planning and management/Roselyne Nyawiri Okech. 9. Tourism development as an alternative for agricultural production - the case of E. Slovakian wine tourism/G.M. Timeak. Section C. Economic implications of hospitality and tourism development: 10. Implications of the development of hospitality and tourism in the economy: Micro and macro level/Waclaw Kotlinski. 11. The decision about the increase of income and the reduction of costs in hospitality corporations/Dragan Nikolic. 12. The impact of management accounting systems on performance: an exploratory study of hotels in Slovenia/Slavka Kavcic and Gordana Ivankovic. 13. The Cretan resort cycle from wealthy explorers and cruisers to mass tourism/Konstantinos Andriotis. Section D. Destination management: 14. Politics of place and the role of policy makers in the creation of opportunities for community oriented events and festivals/Razaq Raj. 15. The cluster effect of the tourism industry in pearl river delta/Zhang Mu. 16. An analysis of tourism infrastructure in Madhya Pradesh, India/Amitabh Mishra. Section E. Human resource management in hospitality and tourism operations: 17. Pay satisfaction in the hospitality and tourism industry: theories, realities and the possibilities/Sumeetra M. Thozhur. 18. Customers' emotional and behavioral responses to complaint handling/Atila Yuksel. 19. Changing scenario of human capital development in Indian hospitality operations/Saurabh K Dixit. 20. Empowerment levels and complaining behaviors: a case of hotel customers' behavioral intentions/Atila Yuksel, Murat Hancer and Ugur K. Kilinc.

"The second half of the century has witnessed tremendous developments in the tourism and hospitality sectors. The international tourist arrivals increased from 25 million in the year 1950 to 67 million in 2000 registering an annual growth rate of 7 per cent. Now tourism industry is enjoying one of the top most positions in the overall business scenario worldwide. It is accepted world over that tourism is a major force in the economy of the world, an activity of global importance and significance. This most rapidly expanding industry is contributing over ten per cent to global GDP and generating employment for 200 million people. The WTO's tourism vision 2020 forecasts the international arrivals are expected to cross 1.56 billion by the year 2020.

With the clear thinking and intellectual caliber the contributors of the book have brought to bear on a selection of important themes of tourism and hospitality industries. It has compiled together the twenty contributions of the renowned subject experts on vivid areas. The collection of 20 articles embraces the original rigorously conducted research, opinion pieces, applied practice and conceptual contributions of hospitality/tourism and other related field on the basis of the specialized nature of their themes, all papers have rationally been classified into five sections.

Contemporary issues of hospitality and tourism management.Ecological perspectives. Economic implications of hospitality and tourism development. Destination management.Human resource management in hospitality and tourism operations.

This book is a timely exercise for all those who are working in various fields of tourism and hospitality sectors."

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