History and Heritage : In Honour of Prof. Kiran Kumar Thaplyal (3 Vols-Set)

Edited by S P Shukla; R S Bisht; M P Joshi and Prashant Srivastava, Agam Kala Prakashan, 2007, 768 p, 3 Vols, tables, plates, ISBN : 817320067X, $240.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

History and Heritage : In Honour of Prof. Kiran Kumar Thaplyal/edited by S.P. Shukla, R.S. Bisht, M.P. Joshi and Prashant Srivastava

Contents: Vol. I. I. General: 1. The role of the oral and non-verbal processes of Indian development/Lotika Vardarajan. 2. A historiographical approach to ancient Indian culture/A.K. Sinha. 3. Changing values of heritage analysed/Y.B. Singh. 4. Early complex societies in global perspective/Arun Kesarwani. II. Archaeological: 5. Stagnation and change in the Harappan Civilization/Indrani Chattopadhyaya. 6. The Harappan water structures at Dholavira/R.S. Bisht. 7. The Harappan Seals : a study of Zoomorphic forms/S.P. Shukla. 8. A brief note on the excavation at Jognakhera (Kurukshetra)/D.S. Malik, Madhav Acharya and R.S. Dahia. 9. Sub-surface geological evidence from Bore-hole data in support of a mighty stream system around Kurukshetra that vanished in middle to Upper Holocene/S.K. Lunkad. 10. Copper hoards of the Panchala Region : a reappraisal/L.M. Wahal and K.S. Shukla. 11. Atwa : a new copper hoard site in the Upper Ganga Valley/Krishna Kumar. 12. Chalcolithic cultures of the Middle Ganga Plain/V.D. Misra and M.C. Gupta. 13. Antiquity of human activities in and around Lucknow/Rakesh Tewari. 14. Beads and Pendants in the Chalcolithic India/J.S. Nigam. 15. A preliminary report on the excavations at Mudvi (Solapur District, Maharashtra) 2002-2003/Vasant Shinde, P.P. Joglekar, V. Naiknavare, Ravi Jadhav, Shweta Sinha Deshpande and Prabodh Shirvalkar. 16. Metal repertoire from Agiabir/Purushottam Singh, Ashok Kumar Singh and P.K. Chattopadhyay. 17. North Indian protohistoric archaeology : looking for the Vedic Aryans/Suraj Bhan. III. Numismatic and epigraphical: 18. Progress of the historiography of the punch-marked coins/Shankar Goyal. 19. Autobiographical tenor in Asoka's edicts/Krishna Deva. 20. Sanskrit and Karnataka epigraphy/Srinivas Ritti. 21. Numismatics and South Indian Historian/A.V. Narasimha Murthy. 22. Greek divinities on saka-pahlava coins/Prashant Srivastava. 23. Kondapur: a mint of the silver coins of Satavahana Vasishthiputra Sivasri Pulumavi/Ajay Mitra Shastri. 24. Coins of Maharathi Kshapana/Parmeshwari Lal Gupta. 25. Two inscribed Kushana Danapatra from Khokrakot (Rohtak)/Manmohan Kumar. 26. Royals or commons? Reappraisal of some Sigillographic data of the Gupta Period/Ashvini Agrawal. 27. Siddhalingamadam inscription of Rashtrakuta Krishna III/S. Swaminathan. 28. Two inscriptions from Belgaum District/M.D. Sampath. (One Article in Hindi).

Vol. II. I. Historical: 31. Varahamihira, the prototype of Adi-Varaha/S.N. Chaturvedi. 32. Pona Silavarman, the Kunindas, and the Katyuris/Maheswar P. Joshi. 33. Indian Links with Laos - some recent findings/K.V. Raman. 34. Some sources for early Kambuja history/K.K. Saxena. 35. Poet Vimalamati : the descendant of Banabhatta/Brajesh Krishna. 37. Ancient Indian Judiciary -- a study/R. Nagaswami. 38. Judicial powers of the guilds in Medieval Andhra Desa/P. Chenna Reddy. 39. Early evidence of Usury in India/Shyam Manohar Mishra. 42. Origin and development of Arthasastra/Aparna Mathur. 43. The Pre-Augustan Mediterranean trade/S. Suresh. 44. Trade and patterns of commerce in Medieval South India/R. Tirumalai. 46. Kirata settlements in Himalaya/D.P. Saklani. 47. Translation of classical Indian works into Tibetan/Narendra Kumar Dash. II. Arts and crafts: 49. Mythical creatures in Indian rock art/Yashodhar Mathpal. 50. The concept of Svastika and its origin/A.L. Srivastava. 51. Warp and woof of textile in India/Bhagwan Singh. 52. A study on the Asokan columns/Ananda Chandra Sahoo. 53. Parallels and interactions between Jaina and Buddhist Art/S.D. Trivedi. 54. Vaikunthanatha sculptures from Khajuraho/K.M. Suresh. 55. The early Medieval Art of Gujarat/S.B. Singh. 57. The Mural Tradition in Garhwal/B.P. Kamboj. 58. Antiquity of Glass in India--a recent perspective/Shamoon Ahmad. III. Architectural: 59. Nasik caves : a study/Y.S. Alone. 60. Recently unearthed Pallava edifice at Mamallapuram/K.T. Narasimhan. 61. Brick temples of Kalayat/Devendra Handa. 62. The architectural heritage of Garhwal Himalaya/B.M. Khanduri, R.C. Bhatt and Rakesh Khanduri. 63. Siva temples at Charchoma (Rajasthan)/B.L. Nagarch. (Seven articles are in Hindi).

Vol. III. 64. A Jaina-Saiva monument in Hampi and religious tolerance/A. Sundara. 65. Towns in the Samaraichchakaha : text and context/Vijay Kumar Thakur and Kalpana Jha. 68. Ancient Buddhist sites and monasteries in Himachal Pradesh - a review/O.C. Handa. 69. Archaeological pursuits in Himachal Pradesh/A.N. Khanna. 70. Mrid-Durga (Mud-Fort) of Mahwa/H.N. Singh. I. Conservation and scientific: 71. Field conservation of excavated antiquities : problems and prospects/A.S. Bisht. 72. Conservation problems of paintings at High Altitude Location: a case history of Tabo, Distt. Lahaul and Spiti (H.P.)/R.P. Singh. 73. Diagnostic Survey, Aetiological analysis and methodical conservations warranted to "Monument at Kalayat"/H.R. Sreedhar. 74. Three main problems of sculptures in museums/A.S. Bisht. 75. Decimal recurring system and value of Pias contained in the Parasurama-kathas/Ranbir Singh. 76. Wildlife conservation : the Indian elephant/Ajay S. Rawat.  II. Philosophical and religious: 77. Evolution of consciousness envisaged in the Vedas/Surendra Mohan Mishra. 78. Siva in Satarudriya: a study/V. Sundara Rama Sastry. 79. Buddhism in the context of human integration/Pranabananda Jash. 84. Jainism and Kalinga Jina/R.C. Sharma. 85. The concept of Daiva in the Dramas of Bhavabhuti/S.N. Misra. 86. Religion and religious life under the Maitrakas : an epigraphic study/Pankaj Sharma and Manmohan Kumar. 87. Prayaga: the ritualscape of a Hindu place of pilgrimage/D.P. Dubey. 88. On the Danas of the Ahoms/Jai Prakash Singh. 90. Some aspects of Folk religion in Himachal Pradesh/Rajpal Singh and Bina Saklani.

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