Mushroom Cultivation in India

B C Suman and V P Sharma, Daya, 2014, Reprint, viii, 180 p, plates, figs, tables, ISBN : 9788170354796, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Global status of Mushroom production. 3. Importance of Mushroom. 4. History of Mushroom cultivation in India. 5. Food value of Mushrooms. 6. Steps in Mushroom growing. 7. Cultivation technology of speciality Mushrooms. 8. Pests and pathogens of Mushrooms. 9. Post harvest handling and preservation of Mushrooms. 10. Mushroom poisoning. Bibliography. Index.

"It is generally realized that there is an acute shortage of literature on mushroom cultivation based on the requirements of the growers in our country. Therefore the present book has been written keeping those factors in view and the book shows a great variety of cheap and useless materials, e.g. agricultural, industrial and forest waste, that can be successfully used as media for growing the various edible mushrooms. The book emphasizes mainly on the applied (cultivation) aspect of edible mushroom and is intended for anyone who is interested in edible mushroom the experience mushroom specialists; seasonal commercial grower or simply layman. The aim of writing this book, is that it will encourage and stimulate further research on all aspects of edible mushroom with special attention directed towards discovering new edible species and improving both the quality and yield of existing ones. This would eventually lead to their mass production accompanied by reduction in cost, ultimately bringing this commodity with in the reach of common man." (jacket)

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