1857 Revisited : Based on Persian and Urdu Documents

S M Azizuddin Husain, Kanishka, 2007, xiv, 332 p, ISBN : 8173919732, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

1857 Revisited : Based on Persian and Urdu Documents/S.M. Azizuddin Husain"1857 Revisited is an attempt to illuminate those aspects of the period of 1857 which have hitherto remained obscure or are not much explored. The book consists of a calendar of 150 most important documents in Persian and Urdu which have been collected from National Archives of India and various other state Archives. The book brings out the limitations suffered by the modern Indian historiography. The book reveals to the readers a whole new vista of information for the historians and research scholars. This book is also an effort to reinforce the importance of knowledge of Persian and Urdu for the historians and research scholars of modern Indian history, which until now had been confined to those dealing with the medieval history." (jacket)
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