An Overview of Litho-Bio-Chrono-Sequence Stratigraphy and Sea Level Changes of Indian Sedimentary Basins

Edited by D S N Raju; James Peters; Ravi Shanker and Gopendra Kumar, Association of Petroleum Geologists, 2005, Association of Petroleum Geologists, Special Publication - 1, xii, 213 p, tables, maps, figs, ISBN : 8190172948, $370.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Overview of Litho-Bio-Chrono-Sequence Stratigraphy and Sea Level Changes of Indian Sedimentary Basins/edited by D.S.N. Raju, James Peters, Ravi Shanker and Gopendra KumarContents: Foreword/Y.B. Sinha.  Role of the Association of Petroleum Geologists in Research and Development for Hydrocarbon Exploration/D. Ray. Role of the Association of Petroleum Geologists in Education/James Peters. Acknowledgement. 1. Introduction and some basic principles/D.S.N. Raju. 2. Geological time scale 2004-why, how and where and next/F.M. Gradstein and J.G. Ogg. 3. Sedimentary basins of India/James Peters, S. Mahanti and S.K. Singh. 4. Regional stratigraphy, paleoenvironments and paleogeography: i. General geology of sedimentary basins of Central India/James Peters, S.K. Singh and Bijai Prasad. ii. Proterozoic sedimentary basins in the Dharwar and Bastar cratons, India/V.R.R.M. Babu. iii. Paleogeographic evolution of India and its implications for hydrocarbon resources: A new approach/Ravi Shanker, Gopendra Kumar and P.K. Maithy. iv. Major geologists events/D.S.N. Raju. v. The sequence stratigraphy of Himalaya and its reflections in Gondwana sedimentation/Ravi Shanker, Gopal Singh and Gopendra Kumar (1994) Ravi Shanker, Gopendra Kumar and P.K. Maithy (2002). vi. Marine and Nearshore sedimentation in the Permian Gondwana Basins of India: a review/S.K. Acharyya. vii. Marine Triassic of the Himalaya/O.N. Bhargava. viii. Lower and middle Triassic stage and substage boundaries in Spiti/L. Krystyn, M. Balini and A. Nicora. ix. Update on Kutch Jurassic Ammonoid Zonation: summarised intra Basinal to global perspectives/Jai Krishna. x. Biochronostratigraphy and paleoecology of Raghavapuram Shale equivalents in subsurface of Krishna-Godavari Basin, India-an update/D.S.N. Raju and P. Ramesh. xi. Depositional model for mio-pliocene delta of Tripura Area--an integrated approach/S. Mahanti, P.N. Kapoor, S.N. Swamy and A.K. Mathur. xii. Some faunal discrepancies in the Siwalik group of Northwestern Himalaya and recent advancements in the Siwalik vertebrate biostratigraphy/A.C. Nanda and R.K. Sehgal. xiii. Carbonate sediments in India, their Paleo-environments and hydrocarbon occurences--an overview/D.S.N. Raju, James Peters, S. Prabhakaran and S. Uppal. xiv. The Waiorian stage in India/D.S.N. Raju. xv. Vinjhanian stage in India/D.S.N. Raju, P. Ramesh and S.D. Singh. 5. Hiatuses and rates of sedimentation: i. Rates of sedimentation of clastic carbonates in India with notes on their implications/D.S.N. Raju and S. Prabhakaran. ii. Sequence and Bio-chrono stratigraphic sub divisions of the cretaceous and cenozoic of India-with notes on pre-cretaceous events: an overview/D.S.N. Raju, P.Ramesh, S.G.K. Mohan and S. Uppal. iii. The Magnitude of Hiatus and sea level changes across/T Boundary in Cauvery and Krishna-Godavari Basins, India/D.S.N. Raju, B.C. Jaiprakash, C.N. Ravindran, R. Kalyansunder and P. Ramesh. iv. Magnitude of Hiatus across the middle miocene to early pliocene in the Krishna-Godavari Basin, India/D.S.N. Raju , A. Dave and P. Ramesh. v. Andaman Offshore/D.S.N. Raju. 6. Litho-Bio-Chrono-Stratigraphy: i. Cretaceous and cenozoic biochronohorizons valuable for Indian Basins --A preliminary table and notes/D.S.N. Raju, Anil Bhandari, N.C. Mehrotra and Q.A. Ali. ii. Value of miogypsinids and associated foraminifera and challenges facing finer subdivision and correlation of oligo-miocene petroleum bearing strata in India and future exploration/D.S.N. Raju. iii. Recent advances in the study of Ostracoda in India/Anil Bhandari. iv. Advances in the study of Dinoflagellate cysts and spore-Pollen in India/N.C. Mehrotra. v. An update on the stratigraphic ranges of some cenozoic larger foraminifera in India and its value in classification and correlation of shelf carbonates as well as clastics/D.S.N. Raju, Anil Bhandari and S.D. Singh. vi. Cretaceous and cenozoic Bi-chrono and Litho-stratigraphic framework, Hiatuses and hydrocarbon occurrences in India-summary/D.S.N. Raju and P. Ramesh. vii. Why Indian stages? And what they are in the creatceous and cenozoic?: A brief summary/D.S.N. Raju. viii. Neogene marine stages of Andaman-Nicobar Islands/M.S. Srinivasan. 7. Relative sea level fluctuations during cretaceous and cenozoic in India/D.S.N. Raju, Anil Bhandari and P. Ramesh. 8. Palaeo oceanography/B.L.K. Somayajulu and M.S. Srinivasan. 9. Application of foraminifera/Fossils in sequences stratigraphy: i. Cenozoic Litho,-Bio,-Chrono-, Chyclical Allo-, sequence-events and genetic stratigraphy of Kachchh-problem and perspectives/D.S.N. Raju and P. Ramesh. ii. Application of foraminiferal biostratigraphy in sequence stratigraphy and hydrocarbon exploration with special reference to ONGC: a review/P. Ramesh and James Peters. iii. Second, third, fourth and fifth/sixth order sequence stratigraphy in India with case studies and notes on foraminiferal indicators for recognition of system tracts in the oligocene, miocene and holocene/D.S.N. Raju. iv. Foraminiferal criteria for reconstruction of marginal marine and shallow shelf environments/D.S.N. Raju and T.Y Naidu. v. G.A.I. Krishna-Godavari Basin; notes/P. Ramesh and D.S.N. Raju. vi. Stratigraphic sequences in the oligocene succession of Cauvery Basin/D.S.N. Raju. vii. Foraminiferal sequence stratigraphy, RAVVA-M/AC, Krishna-Godavari Basin/D.S.N. Raju. viii. Khari Nadi and Kankawati River sections, Kutch foraminiferal sequence stratigraphy/D.S.N. Raju. ix. Notes on ED-D well, Bombay high/D.S.N. Raju and S. Uppal. x. Foraminifera along Godavari and Krishna Estuaries, shallow marine shelf and their application in reconstruction of paleoenvironments and sequence stratigraphy: case studies on holocene and miocene, India/D.S.N. Raju, K. Satyanarayana, R. Kalyana Sundar, A. Bhandari, T.Y. Naidu and S.D. Singh. xi. Holocene--historical changes in coastal plains and sea level East Coast of India: implications in perception of hydrocarbon exploration: a review/D.S.N. Raju. 10. Petroleum systems in the Indian sedimentary Basins: stratigraphic and geochemical perspectives/Kuldeep Chandra, D.S.N. Raju, Anil Bhandari and C.S. Mishra. 11. Plate tectonics and exploration or what are the chances of finding reserves of New Oil in India? Extracts from keynote address/K. Narayanan. 12. Supplements I and II. 13. References.
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