Christian Missionaries in South Asia

S Massey, Sumit Enterprises, 2007, viii, 432 p, ISBN : 8184200744, $65.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Christian Missionaries in South Asia/S. Massey

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Jesus Christ and the constitution. 3. A Christian imperialism. 4. Ziegenbalg and missions. 5. Serampore missionaries. 6. Bombay, strong center of missionary activity. 7. Johan Muir an administrator Christian Missionary. 8. Vivekanand and Christianity. 9. Mahatma Gandhi and Christianity. 10. India's constitution and Christianity. 11. Missions since independence. 12. The Christian Missions. 13. Christian Missionaries and encounter at Pondicherry.

"Christian Missionaries came to South Asia two thousand years ago. Christianity has therefore influenced the Indian subcontinent in many ways. Hinduism and other religions in this part of the world continue dialogue with Christian Missionaries and the culture and civilisation of South Asia has indeed become outgoing and global. While fanatics continue to defame humanity, dedicated missions have brought peace, prosperity and happiness to the suffering downtrodden millions in South Asia.

Aim of the book is to compile for our readers best possible material on the subject. Effort is made to place the essays in proper historical perspective. This will enable our readers to use the material for various purposes and create their own considered opinion on the subject." (jacket)

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