Ambedkar in Retrospect : Essays on Economics, Politics and Society

Edited by Sukhadeo Thorat and Aryama, Rawat, 2007, viii, 360 p, ISBN : 8131600475, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ambedkar in Retrospect : Essays on Economics, Politics and Society/edited by Sukhadeo Thorat and Aryama

Contents: Introduction: Ambedkar in retrospect/Sukhandeo Thorat and Aryama. I. Economic development and planning: 1. Economic system, development, and economic planning/Sukhadeo Thorat. 2. On exchange rate, trade balance and distribution/G. Nancharaiah. 3. Remedies against discrimination and inequalities/Sukhadeo Thoarat and Aryama. 4. Labour policy/Bhalchandra Mungekar. 5. Water and power policy/Sukhadeo Thorat. II. Socialism and democracy: 6. Quest for democratic socialism/Bhalchandra Mungekar. 7. Good society: rights, democracy and socialism/Valerian Rodrigues. 8. Concept of political power/Gopal Guru. III. Nationalism, representation and state formation: 9. Caste and nationalism/G. Aloysius. 10. Representation/A. Gajendran. 11. Reorganization of states/Sudha Pai. 12. Contesting views on Panchayati Raj/Narender Kumar. IV. Caste system and untouchability: 13. Caste and untouchability: theory and practice/Ghanshyam Shah. 14. Towards a theory of caste and class/Gail Omvedt. V. Perspective on Indian history: 15. Historicism: confrontations and inquiries/Y.S. Alone. 16. Cultural roots of un-democratic order/G. Haragopal and Sukumar. 17. Indian counter culture/Kancha Ilaiah. VI. On the question of women: 18. Empowerment of women/Eleanor Zelliot. 19. Problems of Hindu women/P.G. Jogdand. 20. Dalit emancipation through education/K.S. Chalam. Index.

"The canvas of Ambedkar's writings is vast, and the issues discussed by contributors in this volume are a modest attempt to mirror the breadth and vision of the writings of Ambedkar. This volume, besides reflecting and representing the theoretical issues that are implicated in the writings of Ambedkar, also attempts to capture his position on such issues as economic development and planning, socialism and democracy, nationalism, representation and reorganisation of states, Panchayati Raj, caste discrimination and untouchability, whose relevance is acutely felt, even today.

Besides, Ambedkar's perspective on history, question of Hindu women, education and his response to social exclusion are also taken up by various contributors. Ambedkar in retrospect is India at prospect that confronts the substantive predicaments and momentous issues that beset India in the present, closely and critically, while charting out a trajectory of social transformation. This volume on Ambedkar's intellectual analysis and insights would provide a valuable resource to the students and researchers as well as those engaged in policy making." (jacket)

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