A Dictionary of Economics (Frontiers of Knowledge, Vol. V)

A N Kapoor; V P Gupta and Mohini Gupta, Radha Pub, 2007, xii, 300 p, ISBN : 8174875425, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Dictionary of Economics (Frontiers of Knowledge, Vol. V)/A.N. Kapoor, V.P. Gupta and Mohini Gupta

"This is the Fifth Volume in the ongoing series Frontiers of Knowledge and is dedicated to economics including all its aspects and discussions such as Banking, Behavioural economics, budgeting, business economics, development economics, econometrics, economic institutions, economic schools, economic systems, economists, economic theory, both Micro- and Macro-, Industrial organization, international economics, managerial economics, monetary economics, Nobel Prize Winners, public finance, statistics and welfare economics.

The dictionary is meant for two types of readers--general readers and students. The first category encompasses the enlightened citizens who want to understand the present-day economic developments at the national and international levels. For the student community, economics is one of the most promising areas of study, offering bright career opportunities.

The most special feature of the present dictionary is the "Gandhian Political Economy : Perspectives and Applicability", the Paper presented at the University of Calgary, Canada, in 1997 by Dr. Y.P. Anand, who was Director of National Gandhi Museum, New Delhi from June 1996 to July 2006. Students preparing for competitive examinations will specially find the dictionary of considerable help." (jacket)

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