Ageing in North East India, Vol. III. Arunachal Pradesh Perspectives

Edited by R M Pant, Akansha Pub, 2008, xviii, 108 p, table, figs, ISBN : 8183701396, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ageing in North East India, Vol. III. Arunachal Pradesh Perspectives/edited by R.M. Pant

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. In search of solutions: aged and elderly in Arunachal Pradesh/R.M. Pant. 2. Problems of aged and elderly indigenous communities of North East India with a special reference to Arunachal Pradesh/Pradeep Kumar. 3. Ageing and psycho-social development/P. Parida. 4. A socio-economic study on aged persons in Arunachal Pradesh/B.D. Nayak and Shipra Sarkar. 5. Problems of the aged in Arunachal Pradesh: reflections/Tado Karlo. 6. Ageing population in Arunachal Pradesh: a comparative study/R.P. Bhattacharjee. 7. The problems of aged and elderly in indigenous communities of Arunachal Pradesh/S.J. Neethirajan and D.S. Sworna Latha. 8. Globalization and future of ageing in an indigenous society/Pratul Joshi. 9. Globalization, the traditional Arunachalee identity and the psycho-social gap of the aged and the elderly/Raju Barthakur. 10. Welfare schemes for the aged: scenario in Arunachal Pradesh/R.P. Bhattacharjee and R.M. Pant. 11. Participation of aged persons in agriculture: an overview of Arunachal Pradesh/G.V. Prasanna Kumar. Index.

"Though traditionally elderly were respected in Indian society. But in the present day context social values have changed. Ageing is a natural and universal phenomenon. The rising population of aged and elderly is an emerging concern for social demographers as well as for policy makers. This shift in the population structure is taking place mainly due to longer life expectancies and falling birth rate. A rural-urban migration also creates psychological, social and economic problems for the elderly. The health care system is quite inadequate and there is hardly any specialized agency focusing on the problems of aged and elderly people.

This book contains 11 chapters on various aspects written by prominent scholars. This probes all issue and problems germane to aged and elderly in special context to Arunachal Pradesh, penned by scholars of repute. besides academic worth, this will prove informative and useful to policy planners, social activists and NGO's in the field." (jacket)

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