Advancing Frontiers in Geology and Geophysics : A Volume in Honour of M.S. Krishnan

Edited by A P Subramaniam and S Balakrishna, Today and Tomorrow's, 2007, Reprint, xxii, 512 p, tables, figs, plates, ISBN : 817019444X, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Foreword. Note by editors. Speeches delivered at the presentation. 1. An appreciation/K. Jacob. 2. On certain aspects of the study of the structure and development of the Earth's Crust and the Upper Mantle/V.V. Beloussov. 3. Submarine ridges as a key to the pattern of the motion of Continents since Triassic Time/J.T. Wilson. 4. Continental accretion and the evolution of North America/A.E.J. Engel and C.G. Engel. 5. Epeirogeny/F.J. Alcock. 6. The Geological Map--an historical essay/F.J. Pettijohn. 7. Thoughts about an expanding globe/R.W. Fairbridge. 8. Polar wandering or continental drift?/L.C. King. 9. Island Arcs with special reference to S.E. Asia (reprinted)/M.S. Krishnan. 10. The structure of India (reprinted)/M.S. Krishnan. 11. Elements in the classification of the Late Glacial Quaternary of Mid-Western North America/M.M. Leighton. 12. On some anomalous Bouguer Gravity Anomalies in India/L.N. Kailasam and M.N. Qureshi. 13. Hidden ridges in the Indo-Gangetic Plains/M.B. Ramachandra Rao and Sengupta. 14. Recent studies on elastic properties of some Indian Rocks/S. Balakrishna. 15. Seismic Wave Velocity Measurement (Ultrasonic) in boring cores from Volcano Mihera-Yama, Oshima, Japan/M. Hayakawa, K. Hiresawa and S. Balakrishna. 16. Use of broad, regional magnetic Anomalies in studies of the deep crust/P.V. Sankernarayan. 17. The chemical history of the earth/C.F. Davidson. 18. Aluminian Augite and Bronzite in Alkali Olivine Basalt from Takasima, North Kyusyu, Japan/H. Kuno 19. Manganese Oxide Minerals, VIII Hollandite/M. Fleischer. 20. Distribution of MnO between co-existing Ilmenite and Magnetite/A.F. Buddington. 21. Recent studies on the phase equilibrium relation to Manganese minerals and their implications on the Mineralogenetic trend of Natural ore deposits/Supriya Ray. 22. Studies of the Lithium contents of Indian rocks and minerals/V.S. Venkatasubramanian. 23. Manganapatite from Tirodi, Balaghat District/Sripadrao Kilpady. 24. The Swedish Kimberlites and a comparison with some South African and Russian rocks/H.V. Eckermann. 25. Rodingitic assemblages in Fetlar, Shetland Islands, Scotland/J. Phemister. 26. A pyroxene granulite from Hittero, Southwest Norway/R.A. Howie. 27. A comparative survey of Four Tholeiitic Magma Provinces/F. Walker. 28. Petrochemistry and petrogenesis of the British Tertiary Igneous Province/S.I. Tomkeieff. 29. Structural and stratigraphic environment of granitic plutons in Esmeralda County, Nevada/J.P. Albers. 30. On the classification and correlation of the ancient Schistose formation of Peninsular India--a review/B. Rama Rao. 31. Studies on the Areal composition variations in the Bahalda Road Granodiorite, Mayurbhanj/A.K. Saha. 32. Petrochemistry of the lavas of Pavagad Hill, Gujarat/S.C. Chatterji. 33. Garnets and Metamorphism/G.G.K. Sastry. 34. Criteria based on textural features to infer replacement origin of plutonic rocks with special reference to the sequence Hornblende-Plagioclase-potash Feldspar/Y.J. Rao. 35. Metallogenic provinces/Chas. H. Behre. 36. The Amba Dongar Fluorspar Deposit: a unique example of Mineralisation related to Deccan Volcanism/A.P. Subramaniam and M.L. Parimoo. 37. Non-ferrous metals trends/J.A. Dunn. 38. The origin of the Bauxite deposits of Gujarat, India/Y.S. Sahasrabudhe. 39. Origin of the heavy mineral beach sand deposits of the Southwest Coast of India/U. Aswathanarayana. 40. Growing use of minerals/A.K. Dey. 41. Some aspects of recent Palaeobotanical research in India--a geologist's review/L. Rama Rao.
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