Aged Women in Urban Area of Dhaka City in Bangladesh

Nilufar Nahar, A H Development, 2006, xiv, 218 p, figs, tables, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Aged Women in Urban Area of Dhaka City in Bangladesh/Nilufar Nahar

Contents: Acknowledgement. 1. Introduction. 2. Methodology. 3. Demographic profile of aged persons in Bangladesh. 4. Personal profile of the aged women. 5. Economic condition of the aged women. 6. Social life of the aged women. 7. Interpersonal relationship. 8. Role in decision making. 9. Health condition and psychological make up of the aged women. 10. General observations of physical condition of the aged women. 11. Problem face by the aged women. 12. Findings. 13. Selected case studies. Bibliography. Index.

"Bangladesh is one of the poorest and most problematic country in the world. Among her many problems aging is one of the important problems.

This book based on the author's Ph. D. Research at the Ranchi University, India in 2000. Dr. Nilufar Nahar in this book describes, perhaps for the first time, the conditions of the elderly women in urban area of Dhaka City in Bangladesh.

This book contributes to the understanding of ageing and widowhood in the context of social problems in Bangladesh. In this book she focus on the personal profile, economic and social condition, interpersonal relationship, role in decision making, health and psychological make up of the aged women. Dr. Nahar also included twelve different types of case study which describe the status enjoyed by the elderly." (jacket)

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