A Handbook for Veterinary Physician

V A Sapre and N P Dakshinkar, International Book Dist, 2007, pbk, Sixteenth Revised Enlarged Edition, xii, 376 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8181892719, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook for Veterinary Physician/V.A. Sapre and N.P. DakshinkarContents: 1. Introduction. 2. Digestive system (Bovine). Digestive system (Horse). Digestive system (Dog). Diseases of liver. 3. Respiratory system. 4. Urinary system. 5. Cardiovascular system. 6. Nervous system. 7. Musculoskeletal system. 8. Diseases of skin. 9. Metabolic disorders. 10. Diseases due to deficiency of vitamins. 11. Post parturient diseases (cattle and buffalo). 12. Preventive medicine. 13. Dairy farming. 14. Poultry medicine. 15. Ostrich or Emu farming. 16. Goat farming and management. 17. Pig farming. 18. Common poisonings. 19. Care of a pet dog. 20. Care of crossbred heifer. 21. Ethnoveterinary medicine (alternate medicine). 22. Diseases of wild animals in captivity. 23. Rabbit farming. 24. Veterolegal procedures. 25. Common laboratory procedures and their interpretations. 26. Useful information for clinician. 27. Ointments-liniments and lotions. 28. Laboratory reagents. 29. List of biological products manufacturers. 30. New developments in veterinary science. 31. Various information charts. 32. Subject index. References.
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