A Handbook of School Administration

Bela Rani Sharma, Sarup, 2007, viii, 456 p, tables, ISBN : 8176258024, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook of School Administration/Bela Rani Sharma

Contents: Preface. 1. Careers in secondary school administration. 2. The principal as an educational leader. 3. The secondary school in transition--perspective. 4. Structure, size and relationships of secondary schools. 5. Curriculum planning and design. 6. Organisation of the school schedule and calendar. 7. Administration of the guidance program. 8. Extraclass activities and their management. 9. Administration of major types of extraclass activities. 10. The library as an instructional center. 11. Staff organization and utilization. 12. Staff morale. 13. Developing a democratic in-service program. Index.

"Teachers interact with students, parents and the school management. Besides this the schools need modern infrastructure to carry out the objectives of educational curriculum.

The management of funds for the salary of teachers and other staff besides provision of equipment like the chalk, boards, playgrounds, library, the laboratory and other material, the maintenance of school agricultural farm are such issues which demand the continuous attention of the management.

The school administrator has to carry out this duty with great caution and diligence.

The success of any educational programme depends to a great extent on the imaginative approach of the school administration.

This handbook dwells on these issues in a very comprehensive way. The handbook will prove to be of immense value to educational administrators and the school management." (jacket)

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