Bangladesh : Resource and Environmental Profile

K B Sajjadur Rasheed, AH Development Pub, 2008, xvi, 258 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 9847001900271, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Bangladesh : Resource and Environmental Profile/K.B. Sajjadur Rasheed

Contents: Abbreviations and acronyms. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Relief and landforms. 3. Climate and soils. 4. Water ecosystem. 5. Coastal ecosystem. 6. Environmental hazards. 7. Biotic resources. 8. Land and crop production. 9. Energy and minerals. 10. Industry. 11. Connectivity and exchange. 12. Population and habitat. 13. Epilogue: environmental challenge of the twenty-first century--climate change. References. Index.

"Bangladesh is richly endowed with fertile land suitable for intensive farming, and abundant water resources, which nonetheless, shows acute seasonal variations. It is a small country is size inhabited by a very large homogenous population. High population remains the single most important determinant of resource and environmental degradation. This book is an attempt to develop a synergy between resource endowments and environmental sustainability in Bangladesh, and the focus is on a presentation of the physical ecosystems and the manner in which the people have utilized them to evolve various human ecosystems. The book is organized into thirteen chapters, of which the first chapter is a brief introduction to Bangladesh's physical and socioeconomic characteristics. The last chapter, titled as epilogue, stresses the most serious challenge the country is faced with today, namely, the climate change impacts from global warming. In the preparation of the book, a concern was the unavailability of dependable and accurate data. The government statistics published by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics are mostly used. The author hopes that the students, teachers and development practitioners will find the book useful for their work." (jacket)

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