Bangladesh : Mosaic in Green

Edited by Zahirul Haque, External Publicity Wing, 2008, 160 p, map, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Bangladesh : Mosaic in Green/edited by Zahirul Haque

Contents: Foreword. Introduction. 1. Heritage. 2. The land. 3. Seasons. 4. People. 5. Traditions. 6. Art and culture. 7. Dhaka--The capital city. 8. Nature and its resources. Country profile.

From the Foreword: "This is a kaleidoscopic presentation of our land called Bangladesh, its valiant people imbued with a sense of history, its rich and varied flora and fauna, its verdant landscape with lush green fields, enchanting hills and hillocks and the meandering rivers falling into the vast blue expanse of the Bay of Bengal. It is a land of enormous economic potentials, inhabited by diligent and hard-working people who have a love for heritage. It is a land of ancient and variegated religious and cultural traditions. All of these together make Bangladesh a colourful mosaic of nature's splendour and bounty.

This book is a compilation and presentation of pictorial record of the true essence and perennial beauty of Bangladesh."

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