1857 Select Documents, Volume I. Punjab

, Life Span Pub, 2008, xvi, 272 p, ISBN : 8183690003, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. Part I. 1. The CIS-Sutlej division. 2. The Thanesar district. 3. The Ambala district. 4. The Ferozepore district. 5. The Simla district. 6. The Ludhiana district. 7. Report by captain Briggs. Part II. 1. The Trans-Sutlej division. 2. The Jullundur district. 3. The Hoshiarpur district. 4. The Kangra district.

"So much has been written on 1857 uprising. The enclosed documents reveal detailed account of the rebellion in the Punjab. This might also help us to correct so many research formulations and sweeping generalizations made on the subject from time to time.

In the 150 years to commemorate this great event. We present these volumes as our humble tribute to all those patriots who died so that country could awake to freedom." (jacket)

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